Over Reactors

storm clouds on the horizon!


Do you know anyone who seriously overreacts to anonymous practical jokes played on them?

After the joke they usually say something like, “If I find out who did this, I will kill you! I kid you not! I will make the last moments of your life so painful you will beg me to put you out of your misery.


Those people are the best to play jokes on!


note: my boss is one of those people.

double note: “Hey! What’s with that plastic sheet?”




3 responses to “Over Reactors

  1. Ha ha ha, plastic …

    Arjen Rudd: Mr. Getz got away. A missed opportunity and he gets away. He slips right through our fingers, and into the hands of the police.
    [catches Pieter staring at the floor around him]
    Arjen Rudd: What are you doing?
    Pieter Vorstedt: I was just checking to see if I was standing on plastic.

  2. Dennis the Vizsla: you made me google “Lethal Weapon 2“! I’ll get you for this!

  3. We have a bloke at work like that, he often uses the word Kill. Plus he’s really big & scary too & looks like Uncle Fester. He said he’d kill me too the day I pointed that out to him & everyone else in the office. I really thought he would carry out his threat, he’s not the kinda guy to mess with

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