Old Girlfriends

 buying old flowers for old girlfriends makes sense to me!


My old girlfriends are all over me.


note: you can interpret this one many ways … maybe even more if you speak a few languages.

double note: it goes in so many different directions it’s almost directionless.

triple note: photo taken at a flower market (surprise surprise!) in Cuenca, Ecuador 2005.

quadruple note: sometimes I don’t like looking at old photos … it reminds me that I used to wear such nice clothes.

quintuple note: I hate to say it, but I probably miss those shorts more than a few old girlfriends put together.

sextuple note: I lied … I didn’t hate saying that at all!



7 responses to “Old Girlfriends

  1. Well, if being around a bunch of flowers reminds you of your old girlfriends, I guess you must have spent more money than you wanted to on flowers for them! LOL 🙂

  2. LOL. There are a lot of things that I like more than my old girlfriends, like, well, anything. Literally anything.

  3. I like flowers, but I can’t have any inside because my cat likes to eat them.

    I have a friend who is in Ecuador right now, but I’m not sure where. She loves it.

  4. I think this idea could be a song! Or not. But, I”m all over this idea!

  5. I’m in agreement about the shorts…..

  6. I think you made an error. It should read, “My old girlfriends are SO over me!” lol

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    Doraz: flowers don’t really remind me of old girlfriends … old credit card bills do! hee hee!
    I just made that up … I think fondlely of all my old girlfriends. hee hee!

    Eric Richardville: old girlfriends always turn into something else: memories, wives, or ex-wives. hee hee!
    I actually like all my old girlfriends … just not enough I guess.

    Tammy: from what I saw of Ecuador, it was very nice. I’ve only housebroken the cactuses and a few viney things so far. The rest of the bloomin’ stuff is outside only.
    Cut flowers are always at the gym. hee hee!

    Kelly Pettit: It would make a wicked awesome song!

    Myrtle: thanks for dropping by. I hear there are only 10 pairs of shorts in the whole wide world that fit people just right. hee hee!

    S. Le: I think my old girlfriends probably think of me from time to time and laugh … at me.
    hee hee!

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