Trigger Words #3

delicatessen a real movie? ... or a surreal movie


Do you know any words that when you hear them, they cause you to roll your eyeballs?

One of mine is: real … as in “ real bread“.

It’s usually used when referring to a food product in the person’s home country:

real cheese, real pizza, real hamburgers, real BBQ sauce, real beer, real chocolate, …

Sure some people use it to emphasize how good something is in a complimentary way, “Now, those are real steaks on that BBQ!

but …

A significant bunch of other people use it to subjectively compare what’s in front of them as inferior or crap, while at the same time informing people that something is only real if they can get it at home.
They may be stating an opinion, but they conveniently leave out the: “In my humble opinion“, “I think“, “I consider“, “For me” prefacing their remarks … and will actually argue the point if someone chimes in with a generic “there is/are a lot of good ‘insert food item here’  in a lot of places.”  

What are these people saying:

everything else is fictional, pretend,  imaginary or fake? 

If a hamburger has a bun surrounding a hamburger pattie, can it be anything other than genuine, authentic, or real?

In the dictionary, there is one very small definition which says,

 “‘real’ in a veritable sense should be used sparingly, applies to persons or things having all the qualities claimed for them.” 

It should be used “sparingly” …  realsparingly” in my humble opinion.

Some people should get real and really stop using real to describe something they like while intentionally dumping on something else they don’t like at the same time.

For real, it’s a real drag to listen to!

Start living in the “real world” …  not your “real” world … the “real world” where other people are living and were quite happy before you opened your mouth real wide!


note: Trigger Words  #1  and #2  and Trigger Phrase #1  are still bothering me.

double note: image from here
I wouldn’t have used the image, but the other 2 “Trigger Words” have images on a funky movie theme, so why break the cycle of abuse.

triple note: I get all worked up when I do these Trigger Word things!!!

quadruple note: wasn’t Delicatessan a surreal film … or movie … or picture show?


6 responses to “Trigger Words #3

  1. You’re cranky! lol.

    I guess I say, ” I know…right?” after someone says something I agree with wholeheartedly.

    Doug makes fun of me all the time when I say this.

    Teaching English, you probably are more in tune with precise meanings than most people are, and so they are not as aware of the impact of their speech as you might be!

  2. I absolutely can’t stand the word “legit.”

    Just typing it hurts my brain.

  3. I mean really Ross, Get real! What is the real problem? Do the real bad guys need to step up? Do you like how I am a real person, not a fake one? OK, I will be real now and be quiet! I empathize with ya! Ya know…that is an old Long Island tradition I can not seem to get rid of, ya know?

  4. This is a funny site you have going on here man. Just wanted to stop by and tell you how I felt. I was wondering if you could take a look at my humor blog and maybe we can exchange links.

    Let me know.


  5. Unreal post, no I Really mean it, real good
    I know what you mean though we had hamburgers for dinner from a local fish & chip (and Hamburger too) shop. They had a huge meat pattie & bacon & egg & pineapple & tomato & lettuce & cheese & fried onion & barbeque sauce & all inside a huge fresh bun. Can’t wait to go to McDonald’s next time to get a REAL burger…. with a small bun & a small thin meat pattie & a piece of el cheapo cheese & a tiny squirt of mustard & a tiny squirt of sauce & a miniscule amount of raw onion & one of those pickly things… Yeah a REAL burger from McDonald’s is what I’m talkin’ bout!!!
    I hate when people over use “&” too much in hamburger descriptions too 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: I usually say “yes … no” a lot.
    The “real” usually happens when someone is looking at one thing and is saying how much better some other thing is … that isn’t present and can’t be compared. It’s usually just an insult about whatever they are looking at.
    It’s the same as people on holiday comparing things to things at home and starting the comment, “In (insert country here) the blah blah blah …

    Finicky Penguin: I’m lucky, I haven’t heard that one at all.

    Doraz: those uses of “real” bother me a little as well … but the “real” that triggers me is the real problem for me. hee hee!

    Jason: thanks for stopping by. I’ll take a look at your site.

    Tony: those onions in McDonald’s burgers are not raw onion … dried and then just add water or a chemical solution or something. That sounds like a pretty good hamburger at the fish & chip & hamburger shop.

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