"Don't worry! It will be over soon and then food falls into our little world."


I’ve never seen an eclipse!

I want to see one, but they are always somewhere else.

They might as well be happening in outerspace!


note: I thought I saw one once at a movie theatre, but it was just the guy in front of me’s head blocking the screen.

double note: is that “me’s” in the first note correct? … or do I really speak that poorly?

triple note: lunar eclipse, solar eclipse … I guess if you’re on the moon you could watch an earthar eclipse. I could be wrong; I usually am.

quadruple note: are “eClipse” just excerpts from “eBooks” that you can read for free?

quintuple note: I bet on a horse called “Eclipse” at the horseraces … it wasn’t a favorite to win … it just got eclipsed by all the other horses. It was a longshot underdog dark horse … or a really shitty runner … or something like that.


8 responses to “Eclipses

  1. I seem to get to witness quite a few of these at the movies! I think you have it head on! 🙂

  2. There was a really cool solar eclipse a few years back that we had a great view of here in the UK. Everyone went out of work and found a good vantage point – it was pretty stunning.

  3. I’ve seen both a lunar and solar eclipse. I couldn’t look at the solar eclipse, but the lunar eclipse was cool.
    So, in actuality, I didn’t see the solar eclipse, but I was there. How can I be somewhere, but not see it? Now I’m confused.

  4. I think eclipses are a conspiracy to get people to look at the sun so they wreck their eyes & become blind, even politicians & world leaders will be affected because they want to see the eclipses too. Eventually only the CIA will remain unaffected because they always wear dark sunglasses.Then the CIA will declare themselves to be a new world government thus they will attain to world domination. No one will be able to oppose them because everyone will be blind & helpless

  5. I’m amazed, that considering how much you’ve travelled, you’ve never seen an eclipse.

    Perhaps you’ve been avoiding them?

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Doraz: if you put the cursor over the picture, you will realize that’s not what I meant at all … but it kind of looks like a movie theater eclipse now that I look at it.

    GregS: thanks for stopping by. Good luck selling stuff.

    Tammy: You lucky monkey!!! There’s actually a solar eclipse here next Wednesday and I am on the look out for welders who aren’t watching their goggles or masks very well. If that fails, it’s back to google to learn how to make one of those pinhole toilet roll things.

    Tony: I believed my mother totally when she said never look at an eclipse with my bare eyeballs.
    … I only partially listened to her about the other thing that was going to make me go blind … I only did that till I needed glasses. hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: Hey! I’m from Vancouver Island!!! I didn’t see the sun until I was 13!! I think Pink Floyd named “Obscured By Clouds” after coastal B.C..
    I guess when I’ve travelled, I’ve always been on the wrongside of the world.

  7. Thanks for the good luck planetross (not sure how else to refer to you) – let’s hope I sell a lot 😉

    I like your avatar by the way – and the t-shirt based on it. In fact I like a couple of your t-shirt designs. Let’s hope you sell a few of those! I also plan to have more of a browse around your blog – like your style, especially your response to my email…

  8. Ooops, slight edit, meant ‘comment’ not ’email’…it’s been a long week….

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