Arms And Legs

a blue bird


People are very attached to arms and legs, but what if their names were switched.

Would there be …

Kids playing with Armo

Arm warmers and armings

Governments passing Armislation

Peg Arms

A movement to armalize marijuana

People in court alarming stuff

Alarmories in stories

Armhold traps

A French Foreign Armion

An “ABW” in cricket

Armolas in “The Lord of the Rings”

3 armed races

A “Pledge of Alarmiance” in the U.S.

The term alarmro in music

A  ZZ Top song called “Arms”
she’s got arms
and she knows how to use them

… or a Rod Stewart one named “Hot Arms”

“Open Legs” by Journey or “Brothers in Legs” from Dire Straits

A blegaid pouring my beer

Legged guards for legored vehicles

Legani suits


Neil Legstrong or Lance Legstrong

Fire Allegs

Flegers growing stuff

Legies and Legistices

Plegesan cheese or Plegigiano Reggiano for people who know more about cheese than me … or I … or myself


One Legged Bandits

a Spanish Legada


Swlegs of bees


A cult following for “Legy of Darkness”?


note: I guess arm and leg wrestling would still be similar … and possibly 4 arms on a legchair would be quite normal.

Leg bands and Arm bands would mess a lot of people and birds up though.

double note: if you don’t like this entry, you will definitely not like Salt And Pepper … and may be mildly antagonistic towards It’s Tuesday I’m In Love.

9 responses to “Arms And Legs

  1. Ones legpit is the bit behind the knee! Don’t you know anything?

  2. I am so glad that S.Le came by to explain all of this! I was having a bit of trouble getting it! Thanks S.Le!! 🙂

  3. Mlegmalade on toast would be harder to order at the drive through.

    How you gonna keep em down on the fleg, once they’ve seen Paree.

    You are allegmingly brilliant.

  4. I guess that would make me an arm man, man.

  5. So, something very expensive would cost a leg and an arm?

    Planetross: The Man, Myth, the Armend!

  6. What an odd post, were you drunk when you wrote it. Oh & also drunk when you drew the bird, it has a beak AND a seperate mouth

  7. My bedside side clock is alarmedly set to go off at the allegingly unreasonable hour of 4am.

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    S. Le: there’s something back there? I’ve learned something today.

    Doraz: S. Le may seem chleging, but it could be all smoking mirrors like that movie I’ve forgotten the name of.

    Bonnie Luria: you keep saying nice things about me … I’m starting to get a complex … or just complex. I’ll try to be twice as complex and be a duplex in the future.

    Soylent Steve: good to have you back! It’s been a barren wasteland without you … except for all the oasises or oasi on the blogroll.

    pannonica: you betcha! a solid “hee hee” for your addition.
    Someone, who will remain nameless, wanted to include “Legold Schwarzenegger” … but that would be stretching it too far!

    Tony: it’s a snowmanbird!
    I don’t write crap like this when I’m drunk … I just write crap like this usually.
    I can’t type very well after a few bottles of whiskey … and I’m too busy driving school busses … performing open heart surgery … and keeping all those clouds floating in the sky!
    Do you see any typos?
    I think about these things … maybe not long and hard … but short and soft … and then I move on to the next silly thing that gets caught in my net of intrigue.

    (I am drunk writing comments on a Friday night though. hee hee .. burp!)

    S. Le: it was an after thought … I thought about it after I did it. hee hee!

    pannonica: hee hee!
    I’ll tell you a secret. A few months ago I thought I’d do East/West but it just got all muddled up after a while. “Do people in Eastern countries think all American movies are Westerns?” … that type of nonsense. I may do a Black/White thing in the future though! Keep it under your hat … or above whatever is over whatever is under your hat.

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