Drabs And Dribs

musical chairs singing the blues


Are there "seeing eye people" for blind dogs?


I was happy, but now I realize it because you've made me unhappy.


the police had to wait a whole year to get 6 murderers on their poster


Istatyou Walter?


Istatyou Martha?


I thought this was a cult, but it's only a fascist political party


it's a sake keg ... or maybe a sakeg


Don't Play With Matches! ... Lighters are more cool!


it might look weird, but it tastes very very good!



note: just a reminder to put the cursor over the pictures for more insight … or less outsight … or something like that.

double note: squid really does taste twice as good on a stick … unless you’re a squid or something.

triple note: I feel lighter now that I have deposited these stray photos somewhere.
… I guess I should read the mamera canual and find out how to phelete dotos.





9 responses to “Drabs And Dribs

  1. Mmmm. Squidsicles! Three times as fun when frozen!

    As for the poster… Phew. Just a fascist party. Thank goodness.

    …Wait. What?

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. The Happiness Realization Party– how Orwellian! Sounds like the title for a new law the politicians might come up with here. You shouldn’t give them ideas. Oh well, feed them all a little squid on a stick and they’ll settle down.

  3. Love the tanuki in the loin cloth. I also love the squid and I’m reminded of how well dried squid dipped in kewpie mayonnaise tastes when one drinks beer.

    Takes me back to when I was hitch hiking across Japan and the truck drivers would ply me with dried squid and beer as they drove.

    “Can’t use chopsticks”! Brilliant!

  4. bustop chairs- ewww. you’d sit down on those? gross!

    Political poster: but she looks nice enough… maybe like the Sarah Palin of Japan!

    Wanted Poster: the first guy on top looks like an alien, an alien murderer.

    the statues wearing lingerie. Ross, I swear you did this on purpose. How many times have I told you, no drinking the Sakegs!

    the bottom squids look like candy haha.

  5. I don’t think lollipops and popsicles have anything to worry about from squid on a stick …

  6. I have to trust you on those squid sticks. They look pretty yucky to me! 🙂

  7. Wow Walter & Martha look really HOT!!!
    I think I would like to try a squid stick.
    Murderers & bad karaoke can be tolerated I guess but “Can’t use chopsticks guy” should be banished from the land, he’s just not fit to be Japanese

  8. I thought the squid on a stick was some sort of lovely toffee till I read it. The Japanese must have some weird distorted ideas of what should be sold on sticks! One should only eat from sticks things like ice cream, lollies, popsicles, shish kabob, and corn dogs!

    Walter needs a bigger loincloth!

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    Turkish Prawn: I don’t know how I’ve never had a squid on a stick before; they are always around at festivals and fish markets. Throw another squid on the barbie mate!

    This religious sect is branching out into politics for the next election. Things could get interesting.

    Donald Diddams: It does sound very Orwellian.

    On a different note: in Tokyo there are 100s of police who guard the Chinese and Korean Embassies: every road leading up to these 2 buildings have gates that are manned by police
    and can be pulled across the road in seconds. (one officer standing with his hand on the gate at all times and about 10 others just waiting around in vans)
    The people they guard against are protesters that drive around in big black vans with loudspeakers blasting out anti-Chinese/Korean messages.
    The Police can hear them coming from miles away. I don’t think these vans really want to actually get to the embassies; they just want to have 100s of police wasting their time guarding against them.

    razzbuffnik: I was visiting a newly spotted onsen a few weeks ago and spotted the tanuki on either side of the door leading into the restaurant. I’ll have to go back there and see if they change their outfits!
    When I first came to Japan, I had to make a visa run to Seoul and coming back here missed the last train. I ended up taking a $150 taxi ride from the next city: the taxi driver stopped at a 7-11 and bought me a beer and a sandwich to make me feel better.

    sweetiegirlz: the guy in the wanted poster is a bit creepy looking. I think he actually murdered a foreign English teacher a few years ago (I think that’s what my friend said … while discussing the poster outside of a public toilet with people giving me strange looks as I took a photo)

    The statues were the hidden find on the trip … and the hotbaths there were pretty good too!

    Dennis the Vizsla: I bet 130 million Japanese kids of all ages would beg to differ. Although lollipops and popsicles have their followers too.

    Doraz: They are pretty good. I may have another one this weekend if I can get to the beach again.

    Tony: Walter and Martha – very hot!
    Squid on a Stick – very good!
    Can’t use Chopsticks – I bet there are a lot of people here who don’t “chopstick” very well, but I just assume they are doing something clever or traditional with them because they are Japanese.

    S. Le: Walter does seem to be “balldging” out a bit. hee hee!

    Fish on a stick aren’t bad either, if you really like fish. (there are some to the left of the squid)
    … but I’m not really one of those.

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