One – Nothing

just wait

I have something to show you. No, this isn’t it.

that's not it

No. That’s not it either. Just hang on a second.


Did you see it? No?




note: some people play “Peanut”, but they’re just pacifists … or have no arms … or something like that.

double note: a pacifist fight” is pretty lame.


12 responses to “One – Nothing

  1. My wife and I love this game. It is good for getting out aggression in a none violent way, sort of. She punches me really hard and I just kind of tap her, that’s not fare.

  2. I had to look that one up.

    At first I thought it might be the car advertised on the back of the truck. Then I thought to my self, that’s not it. Then it came to me, the truck is full of punch on the way to a party!

  3. I’ve completely lost the plot and have no idea.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Eric Richardville: in Japan it’s pretty boring to play because there aren’t a lot of beetle bugs around.
    … although once I saw 8 outside a mechanic shop. (fondly reminiscing dreamy look in my eyes)

    razzbuffnik and S. Le: it must be a regional thing or called a different name.
    here is a link:

  5. Hey! I said I already looked it up already….. already.

  6. razzbuffnik: sorry … I hadn’t drunk enough coffee when I wrote that.

  7. The only reason I know that game well, is because every time planetross and I are driving somewhere he’s already started playing the game without reminding me. I guess there is no “game on!” to commence it. I still have a blue shoulder 😦

  8. Wow. So this “punch buggy” is a worldwide phenomenon after all.

    Here in the Philippines, we call the beetle “Pagong”, which is the Tagalog word for Turtle.

    However, we don’t punch each other on the shoulder. The first one who sees it screams “Pagong” and hits the other person on the head.

  9. Sounds like fun but I’ve never heard of it by any name. I suppose I’m not as desperate for entertainment as you are. (snap!)

  10. Kelly Pettit: it’s always game on when it comes to “Punch Buggy“!

    iammeemz: it does look like a turtle! Are the “Herbie the LoveBug” movies called “Herbie the LoveTurtle” in the Philippines? hee hee!

    S. Le: I find entertainment everywhere.
    I should have added this old blog link too:

  11. I’ve never heard of a punch buggy before. I just went to your Wikepedia link so Michelle better watchout the next time we’re driving & I see a Volksy

  12. Tony: someone should make a movie “Death Punch Buggy 2000” … or maybe not.

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