Knee Deep In Thought

hanging out in the corner of the parking lot


I’m vacant lots of the time.


note: I’m staring aimfully … unless I start snoring … then I’m just sleeping with my eyes open.

double note: I thought they had a  job vagrancy that needed to be filled.

triple note: overheard at Calvary 

Sure. I draw lots! … but I can only draw stickmen.

quadruple note: I’m not sure where that “triple note” came from. I may be having flashbacks of a WWI Poets poetry course I took at university. Hey! it was worth a few credits … and mandatory.

quintuple note: I’m like paper towel: self-absorbant.


3 responses to “Knee Deep In Thought


  2. Laughed out loud at the ‘lots’.


  3. Thanks for the comments.

    lawyermommy: thanks for stopping by.

    Pomeroy: hee hee!

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