I’ll Be Bark!

I'll be bark!


The Terminator has a dog?
How unbelievable is that?

That’s just so phoney!

Everyone knows the Terminator loves cats!


note: it must be a SkyeNet Terrier

double note: I had to research that first “note“. Do I win a prize?

triple note: I was interviewed by Prairie Flounder  over at
Sky Fishing. If you’re interested … or not … check out his cool blog

quadruple note: the interview link is the “interested” one.




8 responses to “I’ll Be Bark!

  1. Hasta La Vista Puppy
    Or the Italian Terminator says, Pasta Lasagne Baby

  2. Do you suppose that when the Terminator offers his dog a treat, the dog runs down a list of possible responses on its little internal screen? Like:

    — Take treat
    — Turn up nose at treat
    — Bite Terminator
    — Bite self
    — Engage in embarrassing personal hygiene

  3. I like it!
    It makes him more human!

  4. I thought he was forever destroyed when he lowered himself into the vat of molten metal during the tear jerker bit a t the end of Terminator 2

  5. The Terminator is Governor of California. What a joke!

    I bet he also enjoys his salt water fish tank.

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Tony: In the Spanish version of “The Terminator” he says “Sayonara Baby” (seriously)
    I guess “Hasta La Vista Baby” doesn’t have the same ring when you probably say that stuff everyday.
    He did exactly that at the end of Terminator 2” … or “More Determinatored Than Ever” as I like to call it.
    … but he’s a robot, so those things are just lying around all over the place in the future. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: hee hee! It probably has to steal a collar off of another dog when it does that time traveling stuff too!

    Doraz: mmmmm …. maybe I should get a dog too! hee hee!

    Tammy: my sister met the Governor of California in Tokyo a few years ago … and shook his had too! He was a surprise speaker at some U.S. military dinner she was attending.
    I think he was over here promoting California Wines or something.

    You’ve lost me on the “salt water fish tank” reference.

  7. There’s no reference. I just assumed if the Terminator loves cats then it likes salt water fish too.

    Maybe I was the one who missed your cat reference.

  8. Tammy: I thought you were being sneaky and were going to hit me with “I’ll Be Bass” … or something. hee hee!

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