Arriving Non-Expectedly

A late bloomer!


It’s about time” someone did something about those “it’s about time” late for work people!

Obviously they think it’s not about time for a change.


note: people who arrive late for work bother me in an “around about” sort of way.

double note: if you come to work late approximately one more time you will kind of be fired.

triple note: people who are always late are “time zoned out” or “timeless” or something like that.

quadruple note: I was going to call this one “Re: Tardiness” … but thought someone might jump to the wrong definition in the dictionary … or conclusion … or just jump for some reason.

11 responses to “Arriving Non-Expectedly

  1. People who arrive late should have to pay ..let’s say….$1 a minute! Maybe that would give them some incentive. Or, maybe,since they are rich…they won’t care! lol

  2. I am usually on time, just made it, or barely there.
    When someone else depends on me, I am punctual. If I’m on my own, then who knows when I’ll get there.

  3. “double note: if you come to work late approximately one more time you will kind of be fired.”

    I wish they’d kind of use this rule at my work. Many Many workers on Salaries instead of time clocks, take advantage of this.

    Re-tardiness. lololol. PC or not. it’s funny.

  4. Re-Tardiness — ha ha ha ha!!! *SNORT*

  5. Over the years I’ve trained my friends not to mess me around when it comes to time and being late. They all know I won’t wait for them, so they make sure they turn up on time.

    I don’t mind people wasting their own time but it bugs the hell out of me when they waste mine.

  6. I hate latecomers regardless of what they are late for, it’s just annoyingly annoying. Dr. Who is well known for his Tardisness

  7. I agree that being late is rude but sometimes there are good reasons.

    We live in a society ruled by time – if you can do your job properly without getting tied to 9 to 5 why do we do 9 to 5….On a similar note I hate the notion if you are not at your desk you are not working…..

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    Doraz: maybe it should be called an “indollarative“. hee hee!

    Tammy: I’m always early, but when alone and no one is hanging, I’m unpredictable.
    My word is my bond and without that I’m just a liar … and I don’t like lying while standing up usually. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: punching clocks makes me want to … punch clocks! hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: I once abandoned a friend in Madrid when he broke the time limit … twice. He barely made it back to where we were camping. (I was the logistics man on that trip)
    I did get pretty worried sitting by the tent drinking cheap red wine.

    Tony: I was waiting for a Dr. Who “Tardis” joke from you for some reason.

    BlackLOG: I sense a late person in your response. hee hee!
    I agree with what you’re saying, but if someone signs a contract agreeing to a time to be at work; there are no excuses usually. Especially when they live a 10 minute walk away.
    As another employee, my beef is with the daily interloper who shows up late just because.

  9. Planetross Fortunately I have flexi working – I’m over an hours drive which is traffic dependent.

    For a social life I have a wife who always leaves on time – if only she would remember to allow for the actual time to travel to our destination…..

  10. BlackLOG: I wasn’t taking into account people with long commutes. I apologize.
    I’m so used to being a 5 minute drive away from work and other people taking trains (which are 99% on time over here) I’d forgotten about the hour commute.
    I am a task orientated person stuck in a time served orientated job: it sucks but I don’t sign the payroll, so I play by the rules.

  11. Ross

    Camping and drinking wine in a tent in Madrid! I’ve done that.

    I’ll never forget it, as the wine was the worst I’d ever drank. To think I paid 50 cents for it…. sheesh!

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