Simply Divine

 grapevines would have been better


note: in the winter it looks like an exoskeleton.

double note: I’m off for a 3 day weekend: possibly the beach will be involved. Have a great weekend! See you next week.

triple note: this is definitely a houseplant.


5 responses to “Simply Divine

  1. Another great post!

  2. Use a lot of suntan lotion, and wear a hat!
    Have fun in the sun!
    See ya!

  3. Two wire fences to protect it as well! Must be valuable.

  4. I have a grape vine in the garden but it is only a year old, yours is much bigger than mine. Mine is only a very small one, I think I am suffering from Vine Envy….

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    sandysays1: thanks!

    Doraz: it was a great day at the beach: sunshine, nice water, and … that’s about all I needed really. I spent the next two days at a place called Nikko: temples/waterfalls/beer machines. hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: it’s only one wire fence really (it’s just a weird angle I guess). Actually it’s just an empty lot that’s blocked off so people don’t park there.

    Tony: no grapes on these vines! just … vines for vines sake. go figure. Most things look better with the corrugated siding covered up.

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