big sticks and walking softly


I’m glad I’m not a stick

… because I don’t think sticks can drink chocolate milk.


note: if I was a pizza, I’d be a cannibal.

double note: How big does a stick have to be before it becomes a log?

7 responses to “Sticks

  1. That question is too hard for my pea brain to handle!

  2. LOL. That is true. What qualifies log potential? Very interesting.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Doraz: If you live in the sticks, does that mean people in cities live in the logs?

    Eric Richardville:
    -“I’m not a log … I’m just a stick with a glandular problem.”
    -“I’m a sticker not a logger!”
    -Stickrollers are just logrollers with small feet.
    -Captain’s Stick: Spock has died again. I’m sure he’ll be back. He does stuff like this all the time.

  4. 2 Week's Notice

    You’ve got me singing, Ren and Stimpy style.
    (“It’s log, it’s log! It’s big, it’s heavy it’s wood. it’s log, it’s log. It’s better than bad it’s good!”)
    -from the artist formerly known as Birdflew…

  5. Hmmm… maybe my blog deleting habits are Spock related.
    That’s a good question, like when does a box become a carton. When I fill out transport consignment notes at work I sometimes struggle with the item description. Some are borderline, is it a box or is it a carton…. Darn it gets so confusing

  6. This may help

    I have never seen a USB memory log. It would be a bit large to plug into your computer

  7. 2 Week’s Notice: I’m not sure if singing Ren and Stimpy songs is a good thing or a bad thing.
    I’m looking forward to your new blog’s content … or discontent. hee hee!

    Tony: you and Spock do have a lot in common … I think he had a poodle too! hee hee!
    Thanks for the link. I have learned something today.
    USB memory logs! hee hee!

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