A Subtle Difference

the newest acquisition


I’m lucky.

I wear what I like to work:

but …

to avoid becoming too casual I always do up one more button on my shirt when I go to work, and undo it again when I leave work.

You’d think people wouldn’t notice this little difference, but they do!

… maybe it’s because my shirts only have one button on them.


note: I’m a dress decoder.

double note: Who wears “attire“? … apart from the Michelin Man … or “Bibendum” to people in the know.

triple note: the photo has nothing to do with buttons or being lucky or subtlety or the Michelin Man … it’s just my most recent cactus/cacti purchase from a few weeks back.

quadruple note: I may have put on 3 entries tonight … and one this afternoon. If you are inclined (or just standing straight), please feel free to peruse my humble offerings … or just look at all the crap anyway.




10 responses to “A Subtle Difference

  1. Even Mickey Mouse had 2 buttons! But he didn’t wear pants. You do wear pants don’t you? (and trousers?) Please say you do.

    The cacti are v pretty but be careful sniffing them.

  2. Love the cacti~~~
    Careful how you handle them~~
    Ouch city~~
    I do hope you wear pants, also~~~

  3. LOL. Very funny. I wish I could wear what I want. I have dress business casual so that I look good when people are yelling at me.

  4. You could live on the edge and button your fly before going to work and unbuttoning it when leaving. This strangely reminds me of some novelty potted cacti I’ve seen elsewhere…

  5. Live a little and wear a shirt with no buttons.

    The cacti are nice. I have a large cactus/cacti growing in my flower bed and it is blooming now.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    sorry I didn’t reply to your comments this weekend. I did something bad and then did something worse and then watched Red Dwarf episodes in a marathon of sorts.

    S. Le: I used to wear Tin Tin t-shirts to work everyday: I bought 15 of them in Bangkok. ahh those were the days.
    I don’t think they sold any Tin Tin pants though.

    Doraz: I repotted that cactus/cacti in a bigger pot and it stung me a few times … or maybe that happened when I was repotting the bees.

    Eric Richardville: I can wear what I want to work, but I usually go for jeans and a button up shirt. Everyone else at work has to wear suits … so I consider myself lucky.

    pannonica: I do wear 501s! I may give that a try.
    oh the cacti is no joke … or novelty … it’s pretty serious.

    Tammy: If I put them outside, I’d kick myself for spending all that time toilet training them.

  7. Is that an experimental cactus like Mr. Lowerback & the evil bean plant???

  8. The novelty cacti I had in mind have more to do with the planter. They are much more inappropriate.

  9. I like the title of this blog and the way it goes with the picture. this cactus is very nice. I like the flowering ones, myself.

  10. pannonica: oh! I can imagine that planter … naughty naughty … but how do they make the cacti grow sideways. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: the flower shop person said all the cacti had already flowered … so it was an added bonus that one flowered after I had it at home.

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