Re-Naming Babies

the buddy system alive and well


A person must really like their name or themself or both when they bestow their own name on their child or children: George Bush, Kim Jong, George Foreman, Pope John Paul, Queen Elizabeth, … the list goes on and on.

Couldn’t they afford to buy a “Baby Naming” book?

and …

Why aren’t there any women called Junior?

There must be women out there with the same name as their mother.

Junior isn’t really gender specific*.

There really should be a name for that phenomenon.

What gives?


note: * except for that one sneaky reference in the dictionary.

double note: if women can’t use Junior, … then those politically correct people have really got their work cut out for them; slackers.

triple note: I guess I would have had a different last name if English people didn’t start this John’s son, Robert’s son, Rob’s son  business. … or if I got married.
Supposedly my surname comes from “Jane’s son” … or my father … or the man who married my mother.

quadruple note: I’m just throwing a few monkeys into the wrenches with the “triple note“: my father married my mother.  I think it was mutual.

quintuple note: If I was born a peasant along time ago … as opposed to being born a peasant when I was … , I might have been “Ross Wilbur’s son“. 

sextuple note: The “My Experiment” and “My Newest New Experiment” stuff has been updated. The “My New Experiment” hasn’t … because it’s dead.

septuple note: the photo is of Grade One kids learning how to cross crosswalks. I wouldn’t have taken the photo, but they had to do the buddy system … and they were yelling across the road at each other saying things like … “You’re in love if you’re holding each other’s  hand.” and “I have to do it: teacher said.”  and ” Shinnosuke smells funnier than usual today.

octuple note: If someone leaves a comment saying they named their child the same name as their grandfather … and it just so happens to be their name too, I’m going to rip out your family tree and beat you with it.
I’m intolerant sometimes; I’m like that.

nintuple note: I think I’ve soiled my family tree’s soil.

decuple note: all of my cactuses (cacti) are named “ross“, it’s okay to do that stuff to plants.


9 responses to “Re-Naming Babies

  1. my first name goes back four or five generations, so I felt like I didn’t have much choice. We all go by our middle names, though, which are different

  2. Davis: I’m digging up roots on the first comment! Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a root canal!

  3. The whole junior thing reeks of a lack of imagination and egotism.

    My mother told me that I was nearly named Elvis. As a kid the idea horrified me, but now I think it would be a hoot to introduce myself as Elvis.

    As for the suffix “son” at the end of names, although it is sexist, it does make it easier in the long run to trace family trees.

    Spare a thought for Icelanders, who by law have to use the old Norse way of naming, where a son called Thorkel fathered by a man called Bjarn Egilson becomes , Thorkel Bjarnsson. If Thorkel Bjarnson had a daughter he named Gudrun, her name would become Gudren Thorkelsdóttir.

  4. I knew a mother who’s name was Renay (by coincidence) who named their 3rd girl (4th child) Renay. But they called her by her nickname, which was “mouse” not junior.

    I think I would’ve rather been called junior. lol.

    Ps. the kid’s picture is cute. I like their color coded sun hats!

  5. Well, there are no other Luisa’s in my family. I was named by my cousin because my mom could not think of a name! Lucky for me I was not named after my grandmother’s…Liberata and Benvenuta!
    Junior would have even been easier~~~~

  6. I think this could well be the most heavily annotated post of yours that I’ve ever seen …

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    razzbuffnik: So in Iceland it would be “Bam Bam Barneyson” and “Bart Homerson“? hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: I don’t think I know anyone who was named after their mother or father. I knew a few Michael Michaelsons, Rob Robsons, and David Davidsons when I was at school. I think the guy named Michael just called himself “M squared” eventually.
    … and there was a Christopher Crossfield too.

    Usually the kids’ hats are all yellow, I’m not sure what they were doing that day.

    Doraz: my best friend is a twin. He and his brother weren’t expected to live when they were born, so they were baptized and last righted quickly by the priest … who baptized them with the wrong names … and so they’ve gone through life that way. It was a grandfather naming scheme in effect there too.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I think I made it up to “decuple note” once before. I don’t know what to do when I hit “eleven“!

  8. I just got 20 fish for my pond and named them all Eric. And no I did not get a license… that would be just plain silly.


  9. prairieflounder: I forgot about the beginning of that skit: I only remembered the “Eric the Half a Bee” part.
    Naming all the fish “Eric” might get confusing when they get mail.

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