only one oar in the water


Unrelated incidents never happen to my family.


note: it’s not really a relationship … it’s more of a relationdinghy.

double note: I guess relatives that pass away are “belations“.

triple note: if you can’t relate to this, it must be a genetic thing.

quadruple note: if you don’t get the drawing, … I don’t really either. I just wanted to draw a dinghy!

quintuple note: the above drawing is of a dinghy.




6 responses to “Unrelativity

  1. But it made me laugh hard. You gotta make a calendar with “the best of planetross”. I love it!!!
    (of course you might have to release it in 2020-) Just kidding. Funny stuff! Love the titanic painted backwards……

  2. relationdinghy? Oh, that is really funny as is CINATIT…in fact, the whole post! You cwazyross.

  3. A dyslexic dinghy with two bows and no sterns. At least you’ll never go backwards. This must be part of planetross’s “theory of unrelativity.” Einstein here you come!

  4. Which one is the dinghy, the one on the left or the one on the right?

  5. The blue stripes are nice & colourful, at least it’s not a dingy dinghy.
    Old MacDonald was dyslexic IEIEO

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Kelly Pettit: Are you implying that I am lazy? I must think about this for a while … or not at all.

    w1kkp: thanks!

    Donald Diddams: Does a dinghy ever have a bow and a stern? … or am I thinking of an innertube?

    Dennis the Vizsla: I see one ringy dinghy … or possibly two ringy dinghys.
    Is it dinghys, dinghies, or dinghi?

    Tony: thanks. hee hee!

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