The Usual Suspect

Caught in the Act



note: my garden trowel gets washed daily.

5 responses to “The Usual Suspect

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! My three co-habs spend more time doin’ that than eatin’ . Can’t figure how that’s possible. Great post as usual. I always enjoy my visits here.

  2. This tapping is hilarious and I practice it daily with the kitty next door. I try to imbue the tap with a lion’s roar. The kitty used to stop and pause…now? Just keeps on trampling my tiny plant shoots or worse…eating them! ROAR! I’ve got to go to Plan B: a recording of a real lion.

  3. Maybe the kitty wants a different song~~~

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    sandysays1: thanks. I always know when the little begger is constipated … I get a day off.

    w1kkp: this one doesn’t seem interested in the flowers … just taking a dump.

    Doraz: I could do TAPS for it, but 10 seconds of scoop, scrape and relocate over to the offenders part of the world isn’t such a bad thing. It could be worse: if she buys an elephant, then I’ll have issues.

  5. Dixie says: It is a very skraggy looking kat

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