Flies, Lies, And Porky Pies

possibly a penguin fly


A fly that doesn’t fly,
Is simply just a lie.
If it says it can fly,
Then it’s a lying lie.
… and not a flying fly.


note: Get out there and fly around you little maggot!

double note: the “lie” in the drawing is a “white lie“.

triple note: sorry for no mention of “porky pies“; I just thought it sounded cool.
It’s rhyming slang or slimey rhang or limey sang or something like that.

quadruple note: my other poems are still poeming at the mouth to be read here.

quintuple note: I may have put on 2 or more entries tonight … or today. I like things fresh I guess.
… or I have sleeves and things up them.
… or I don’t. It’s a crap shoot sometimes.



3 responses to “Flies, Lies, And Porky Pies

  1. Just curious…what would a porky pie taste like?
    The fly looks a bit constipated~~
    Maybe that is what happens when you eat porky pie~~~

  2. I love Porky Pies but I haven’t had one for years. The 1st one I ever had was in my un-pork pie knowledge days & I heated it up in the microwave then wndered why it went so soggy. I didn’t know they are eaten cold & all the jelly stuff melted & soggified (Dictionary of Tonyology – verb: To make soggy) the pastry

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Doraz: it’s not a fly in the drawing … it’s a lie. hee hee!

    as for Porky Pies … see Tony’s comment. That about covers it.

    Tony: mmmm…pork pies!

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