Mood Swing Sets Are Unsettling

 Don't Push Me!


note: mood rings on telephones would be great!

11 responses to “Mood Swing Sets Are Unsettling

  1. You should send personalized copies of you post to Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly! Good SOH.

  2. Hey, I think I dated that swing once …

  3. I like swings, but not moods (the bad ones).
    I like Glenn Miller…when I’m in the mood.

    Are mood rings really accurate? They make me nervous.

  4. Your premise is wrong, but it’s absolutely correct, and I totally disagree with it. You’re beyond the Valley of Astute, and before it at the same time.

    You are the antithesis of everything negative and positive; be shameful, but also be proud, as I got your back.

  5. I wonder if swings were made of lithium, would they swing at all?

  6. Would the mood rings on the telephone tell one the mood of the caller or predict the mood one would be in if one answers?

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    sandysays1: hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: Only once? hee hee!

    Tammy: I used to have a mood t-shirt: I seemed to be in a sweaty mood a lot of the time. hee hee!

    Bunk Strutts: I like that comment: bold, illogical, and even a few big words. hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: good one!

    S. Le: hee hee! I’d just put my phone on vibrate and see if it “grrrrrs” or “purrs“.

    note: sorry for not sticking my head into your blogs that much over the last 5 days; June is the busy month for early morning kindergarten visits.
    I regret saying that already. hee hee!

  8. They should make womens wedding rings out of mood rings that way the hubby would be more aware of when to stay outta the way

  9. I had a mood swing once….

    I really miss that mood swing.

  10. Tony: … or when to ask about buying really expensive toys. hee hee!

    Ervin Sholpnick: good to see you are still around.
    Maybe your mood swing is a really big one … and it just hasn’t started swinging back to you yet. hee hee!

  11. From long ago:

    “My husband gave me a mood ring the other day so he would be able to monitor my moods…
    We’ve discovered that when I’m in a good mood, it
    turns green. When I’m in a bad mood, it leaves a big fuckin’ red mark on his forehead.”

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