Noah’s Ark

Is there room for me?


I’m glad Noah wasn’t in charge of saving all the vegetables

… because he did a pretty good job with the animals.


note: maybe Noah didn’t really do a good job saving pairs of all the different animals.
deadmen tell no tales.” or “extinct animals have no tails” or something like that.

double note: … so let me get this straight, there were no rainbows but a lot of unicorns before the flood and a lot of rainbows and no unicorns after the flood?
I’d rather have the unicorns; you could eat unicorns.

promissory note: It’s hard to find someone who works for rainbows these days. I guess we don’t live in the age of miracles anymore … and work for money instead … which is just another type of promise really.

triple note: not really connected but very close in a similar way kind of: In Search Of …  and  Still In Search Of ….

quadruple note: “but the loveliest of all was the asparagus”.

6 responses to “Noah’s Ark

  1. Is unicorn just a cob with only one kernel on it???
    I grow corn each summer in my garden but it’s always multicorn. It feeds the family better that way. Imagine how many unicorn cobs you’d need on each plate to satisfy peoples hunger….

  2. Oh I forgot to say I really like the statue/ornament/artwork or what ever you call it. Very unique

  3. I Googled “The loveliest of all was the asparagus” and it brought me here! Huh.

    I wonder if unicorn tasted like chicken, or corn. We shall never know because of Noah’s impatience!

    That is the weirdest Noah’s Ark I’ve ever seen. There are also too many penguins and why would a whale need a ride on the ark?

  4. I keep wondering what’s behind that insanely cute little door. Is this the door to an aquarium and they are escaping? S.Le, you’re just hilarious. Asparagus looks like a tail off some weird creature. Someone brought some to our potluck at work once. I think they were the only thing left at the end of lunch

  5. I love the “arkwork”. heehee! Is it bronze?
    The ark reminds me of something from a Dr. Seuss book.

    I’m pretty sure they had veggies on the ark. They had to plant something when the flood was over.

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Tony: hee hee! I guess corn was unicorn before something called “domestication”. I hear it’s an amaizing process.

    S. Le: I googled it too! It made me feel very proud to see the link pop up in the middle of all those serious asparagus sites.
    Maybe this isn’t Noah’s Ark but the cast of “Happy Feet” going on a promotional tour. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: those little doors on the display were very cool. Noah’s Ark is in a photo on the “Displaysment” entry below this one … with other little doors too!
    I like to think they are just leaving my house after having lemonade and sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

    Tammy: hee hee! I should have thought of that one.
    I’m not sure what the stuff was made of; but I’d say bronze … just because I can’t think of anything else.

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