Trying To Catch The Moon


I saw this piece at a once a year Craft Fair in Matsumoto, Nagano. 
The event is a pretty big deal with really good artists from around Japan being invited.

It was tucked inside a little stall among hundreds of other little stalls showing and selling wares: wax work, leatherwork, woodwork, glasswork, metalwork, ceramic work, …

This was the best thing I saw this weekend. I would have bought it, but it was 200,000 yen (about $2.000 plus U.S. dollars).

I wondered why I liked it so much:

It was strange and funky and funny and odd.

It was hiding behind the artist’s other stuff that was more accessible and within the average person’s price range: coat hooks, spoons, …

It was sitting there begging to be looked at .. and being ignored.
I notice stuff like that sometimes.


I went back to this piece 2 days in a row … 2 times each day and even got the artist’s webpage address.

And then I realized I liked it because of what it represented … in a silly sort of way that I could I understand:

reaching, striving, yearning, and trying to obtain a goal.

I don’t have too many goals in life, but this was a metaphor … or metalphor …that I could appreciate.

If I was an artist, I would create stuff like this … because then I could have it, think about it, and keep it close by forever … or until I pass on my little space on this planet to someone else … or sell it and make some more.


note: here is another photo of it.

Trying to Catch the Moon


 double note: from the artist’s link  it was made in 2006 and no one’s bought it yet; I may still buy it … if I reach, strive, yearn, and try a bit more than I am right now …  or a bucket of money falls in my lap.

I’m reaching, striving, yearning, and trying for that big bucket of money falling in my lap … because that’s easier.


triple note: I think I put on sappy blogs after a holiday: holidays make me sappy … I guess. Go figure.

quadruple note: possibly there are blogs about a Craft Fair, cactuses (cacti), dogs, fashion, signs, mannequins, and visored people coming on in the near future.
… and other crap as usual.


10 responses to “Trying To Catch The Moon

  1. Hey that is so cool I want it but don’t have that many Yen. Can you buy it for me out of my Prize money from having a record number of comments in a row????

  2. I’m sure that ladder extension set up violates Workplace Health & Safety rules

  3. I like it very much also. I hope one day you get to buy it since art that is appreciated that much really belongs to the appreciatee…or something like that.

    At least you have a great picture of it. I like it when you’re “sappy” but I prefer to call it being “sensitive” or showing your human side.

  4. If you went back to this piece 2 days in a row … 2 times each day…then you should buy it because you “get it”. If you get it then you should own it.
    Let’s hope your lap gets a big surprise soon.

  5. That’s a cool sculpture. I like it!

  6. It’s unanimous! I actually like it quite a lot. But then I like the unusual. You know that! If you can afford it on a teacher’s salary, buy it. You won’t be sorry; well, at least not if you have enough money left to buy food and petrol!

  7. beautiful…

  8. I like it, too. Hands down, you should buy this! But I really think the reason you like it because: It was strange and funky and funny and odd. JUST LIKE YOU!!!!

    Hopefully you realize that about yourself.

  9. I feel that if there is something that makes you feel so passionate about life, like this piece of art does, you should buy it!

    I remember you were collecting money from couches…not enough yet? 🙂

  10. Thanks for all the comments.

    Tony: I think I could buy one of the ladder “rungs” with the prize money, but it just wouldn’t have the same message: one step at a time I guess. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: maybe one day I’ll buy it, if I think about it long enough.
    I think my human side shows when I wear hospital gowns too! hee hee!

    Tammy: so you’re saying if I “get it” then I should “get it“.
    I’ll wait for this “lap topped” up with money scheme. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: it is pretty cool.

    S. Le: I’m hoping that a single woman buys it and then we meet and get all romantic … and then I could buy it off of her maybe. hee hee!

    iammeemz: thanks for stopping by. It’s very beautiful.

    Kelly Pettit: We could buy it together! 3 days at your place and 3 days at my place … and we could arm wrestle for who gets it on Sundays! … okay … you can get it on Sundays. hee hee!

    Doraz: my friends are all wearing pants with zipper pockets these days I think.
    I’ll have to work harder on the “Money Making Schemes“.

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