what's that dripping sound?


What`s that dripping sound?

It`s driving me crazy!

oh! it`s my ice cream cone.





note: if you`re lactose intolerant, of course dairy products will give you problems. All dairy products lack toes … and cows too!
(I mean cows don’t have toes: they have most of the dairy products though for some reason)

double note: sick snowmen who don`t get cold shots must just go on a drip.

triple note: I think I have 5 entries coming quickly tonight. My Drafts are getting drafty.



4 responses to “Dripping

  1. That’s sad, but it’s no use crying over spilt milk….

  2. I can not handle spilt ice cream!!! Get a cat in the picture, at least! lol

  3. “I got my ice cream, and you don’t got none, ‘cuz you’re on the welfare, and your dad’s an alcoholllllic …”

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: hee hee! slurp hee hee! slurp.

    Doraz: I can’t draw cats … but they can’t draw me either … so it’s a Mexican standoff.

    Tucker The Much-Better-Than-Dennis Vizsla: Eddie Murphy! … I’m having high school flashbacks of people reciting that for some reason.

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