maybe it seems bigger on the inside


I guess everyone lives in their own little bubble, but …

some people’s  bubbles are so small there isn’t any air in them … and there’s always greater surface tension too!


note: they must be into “bubble economy” or something.

double note: I guess young people are young so that they have more time to grow up.

triple note: having all the answers doesn’t mean much when you don’t know what the questions are.

quadruple note: I don’t think I pulled my head out of my ass until I was 28 or so … and that was just to take a look around for a few moments.

quintuple note: I’m as petty as an officer, coat, or cash sometimes; I’m like that.



4 responses to “Bubbles

  1. This was quite profound! Who knew?

  2. The little one is probably the biggest because it’s what’s inside that counts, like a Tardis…

  3. The triple note is a good one. Did you hear that growing up or did you make it up while writing this post? It sounds like something a father would say, but you are an uncle. heehee!

    The quadruple note…hmmm…so you pulled your head out of your ass when you were 28 and have spent the last ?? years sticking it in trashcans.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: it’s profound or prolost or something.

    Tony: if air isn’t inside, then it’s the other bubble people counting.

    Tammy: I think it’s just getting older that brings this realization: no kids or nephew/nieces needed. I’m not grumpy … just in a different generation sometimes.

    As for the “quadruple note“, … basically.

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