The Questionables: The Brief Case Of The Missing Half Eleven

The Case of the Missing Half Eleven


 Violet sat at her round table at the very back of classroom ‘Dandelion 3‘ in the Happy Rainbow Kindergarten. Her teacher Miss Sasquatch was dealing with an emergency. Well, not really an emergency …  unless emergencies happen every other day or so … an involve a mop and clean underwear being pulled out.

Violet was noticing notable things in her two meter sphere of influence until she lost her concentration and saw the clock on the wall at the front of the classroom.

Graham, look at the clock.” she said while nudging the boy in the next chair who seemed to be pre-occupied with something in his pocket … or possibly an imaginary something in his pocket.

Where?” he replied.

Where the clock is. It’s missing half of the eleven.” she stated.

Which half?

I don’t know.” she muttered.

Usually Violet knew the answer to everything, so her uncertainty made Graham stop concentrating on the real or imaginary something in his pocket  and start concentrating on the missing half a number.

Maybe elevens have become ‘stinct like the railing on my bed. I can live without elevens; less to remember. Do you do anything important at eleven?” Graham asked in a non-curious way.

I’m either sleeping or … . I don’t remember anything I do at 11 o’clock!” Violet said in a voice like a lightbulb turning on.

Not listening to Violet, Graham added thoughtfully, “I hope they keep twelve though. That’s lunchtime and I wouldn’t like not having lunch.

When their teacher reappeared, Violet stuck up both hands and called “Miss Sasquatch!“.

My name is Mrs. Kwatch, Violet. Do you have a question?

Miss Sasquatch had an annoying habit of stating her name everytime Violet had a question, but Violet was a patient child.

Why is half of eleven missing from the clock?

Miss Sasquatch reached up, pulled the clock down, and examined it.

One of the ones has come unglued and fallen off.” she said while putting the clock back up on the wall.

Which one fell off?” chimed in Graham.

The left one” Miss Sasquatch answered.

This didn’t really satisfy Graham who had his shoes on the wrong feet, but it was time to fingerpaint; so everything was okay.



note: it’s all pre-elementary I guess.

6 responses to “The Questionables: The Brief Case Of The Missing Half Eleven

  1. Anything that gets the attention of kids, in my book, is worth investigating! LOL

  2. This is what happens when you teach kids Roman numerals.

  3. I think you have the mind of little children down pretty good, excellent in fact. write children’s books! you would excel at it.

  4. Maybe Visorman could help find the other half eleven…
    He’s my hero

  5. Ha! I thought you meant 11:30 as first!

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Doraz: maybe I should have named this one “Kindergations” or Investigarten”.

    razzbuffnik: I’m missing something here.

    sweetiegirlz: I’m sure there will be more “The Questionables” short stories in the future … and more of everthing else eventually.

    Tony: Visorman is a villain; but maybe he is a good villain.

    S. Le: a.m or p.m? hee hee!

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