change that doesn't change


Stuff in water is supposed to look bigger

… but these one yen coins still look like one yen coins.


I thought they’d at least look like 5 or 10 yen coins. 


note: I guess change doesn’t change in water.

double note: I put other coins into this thing to see if they’d look any bigger, but they didn’t.
When I was taking my coins back out again, some people looked at me funny. … I guess they’ve already tried this experiment or something.

3 responses to “Magnification

  1. There are actually only three coins in there. It’s some sort of refractimultipliduplication effect.

  2. Dennis has a good point!

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Dennis the Vizsla: that’s hard to say out loud … or out quietly.

    Doraz: I think Dennis the Vizsla has a good “1/3 point” … I think he used that “refractimutipliduplication effect” in his comment. hee hee!

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