Peddling Crime

baffled ... without baffles!


You can't catch me coppers!!! hee hee!!!



note: police photo taken by Kelly Pettit … because I was driving.

double note: Visor Man photo taken by me … because I was driving alone.

11 responses to “Peddling Crime

  1. Police life style or task?

  2. You’re having fun with this DIY despair thing! I like it too. Very funny. I know the Japanese don’t like the sun too much it seems.

  3. Visorman is like a superhero guy heh?

  4. Visor man, visor man, does what ever a visor can…

  5. Is Visor Man riding a girl’s bike and really a Visor Woman????

  6. I’m with Tony. I think i’m in love with Visor Man. He’s my new hero!

  7. That was the special forces police! With bikes like they have I can’t believe visor man got away. He must be lightning fast!

  8. Are we certain Visor Man isn’t an arch villain? Ross, you should call Batman (since you seem to know him personally) and have him check his Bat-list of arch villains. Visor Man may not be somebody to be admired, but feared!

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    Jacky: thanks for stopping by. These police were tasking all the way.

    sweetiegirlz: It’s about 50/50 on the sun issue over here: either going for a great tan or trying not to get hit with a single ray of sunlight. The women who drive with sunhats, gloves and special sleeves on their arms always look very odd.

    Tony: I think Visor Man is a “fallen arch villain” possible.

    Doraz: Visor Man is a man man! That’s just the standard 1,000 lb bicycle a lot of people cruise around on. There’s more metal in those bicycles than most of the cars around here.

    Pomeroy!: He’s pretty evil though … be careful not to get caught in his rat trap!

    Kelly Pettit: I think the visor gives him a special aerodynamical advantage: he’s aerodiabolical or something.

    S. Le: you are correct. Tony just got everyone all sidetracked with this slanderous Visor Man is a superhero deception. I guess he couldn’t come up with a catchy tune for a super villain. hee hee!

    Why don’t villains have catchy theme music?

  10. Here’s my solution,
    Sing to the Spiderman tune:
    Visor Villain, Visor Villain,
    police chase him to see who he’s killin’.
    He’s got knives up his sleeves,
    He’ll cut your throat with greatest ease.
    Look out!!!
    Here comes the Visor Villain,….

  11. Tony: that’s better (evil grin and maniacal laughter)

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