A missing article


Cheese Ate Him.  … is anagrammatically correct!

… for I Am The Cheese.


note: Throng Dream  is an  anagramma … or grandmother.

double note: thanks to  Bunk Strutts    for his anagram link … which I can’t quite find now … so here is another anagram site  if you are in to anagramazing stuff.

triple note: S. Le  … I think this is why eventually the cheese stands alone.

4 responses to “Anagrams

  1. you ARE the cheese.

    don’t let anyone tell you different. EVER.

  2. What kind of cheese would you be????

  3. Ah ha! So the cheese eats everybody else! Sinister cheese! Evil cheese! Were the policemen lactose intolerant?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Otto Mann: thanks. Sometimes I forget I am the cheese … and think I’m human or something.

    Doraz: I want to say Venezualan Beaver Cheese … but possibly I’d be orange cheddar.

    S. Le: The police don’t like anyone without toes. hee hee!

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