Unconsciously Collecting Experiences





don’t worry  S. Le   … I’m not interested in that philosophy stuff … I know who I am: I am the cheese!!



6 responses to “Unconsciously Collecting Experiences

  1. Achieving Ultimate unconciousness comes at a price. No pain no gain. It will hurt, but if you don’t believe me push the button cartoon man, I will be proved right

  2. You do know the cheese stands alone? Sad that!

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I think I watched too many Roadrunner cartoons as a kid … I’ve become desensitized to “Bag of Hammer” fatalities.

    S. Le: if the cheese stands alone long enough, it becomes “blue cheese”.

  4. I came across a button like that while playing the video game “Blasto” and pressed it, and Blasto’s head swelled up and then exploded.

  5. But doesn’t the rat take the cheese?, just before the cat takes the rat…
    But I do remembering it standing alone, maybe that’s why the rat takes it, no-one to protect it. You can tell that I musn’t have paid attention in kindergarten

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Dennis the Vizsla: that reminds me of “Oh, Mrs. Niggerbaiter’s exploded!” from Monty Python.

    Tony: looking up the lyrics I find you are correct about the rat, but the cheese stands alone at the end anyway. No wonder kids are so confused in kindergarten.

    note: I always thought it was Mrs. Knickerbocker until I looked it up. I have learned something today.

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