When I’m Not Blogging, I May Have Gone To …

DisneySea Tokyo … but really in Chiba, not Tokyo

Trying to escape the winter blues, I hopped on a bullet train and made the long treacherous 1 hour trip to Tokyo … and the even more treacherous, but not so expensive, 30 minute trip to DisneySea.

Tokyo Disneyland is the busiest theme park in the world, but DisneySea must be very close … since it’s right next to Disneyland.

Arriving at the early hour of 11am left me standing in line to get in with all the other extremely optimistic and lazy escaping people.

Magically Crowded Kingdom!

DisneySea is the most expensive theme park ever built so far to date in the present at this time. After a 1 hour wait to pay $60 to get in, I don’t think they are lying.


no swimming (sad face)

Upon entering it seemed a lot like Disneyland; only wetter. It’s built right next to the sea too! I thought the ocean was just another part of the park, but my friend explained that I was just stupid.

Prometheus Volcano ... named after the comic I guess

There is a big man made thing called “Prometheus Volcano” most likely named after the lovable comic found here. I didn’t know that comic was so famous!
Everything else is man made too … except not so big and easy to see and so prominently in view and noticeable as this.

people who got up early and are enjoying the ride

I fast tracked my way to the fast track tickets, but it was not to be: either a 5 hour wait to wait an hour in line or 3 hours in the regular line up.
I bet if you closed your eyes on this ride, it would be like being on a Disneyland ride anyway … so I wasn’t too disappointed.

certain body types prohibited

I wasn’t sure if I would be rejected because of my “body shape” either: possible my shape was too good to ride.
I think the sign means that fat people may be too fat to ride, but that’s just me.

So I chose to wander around and check out the new surroundings … and make fun of people.

non-prehensile tail

Non-prehensile tail teenager in need of direction.

headgear mandatory for this club

Okay, okay, and too far!!! …  possibly a major Disney freak with a room full of real stuffed Disney characters and 4 Season Disney wardrobes for all occasions.

a sea parade or something

What do you do when you don’t go on the rides? … watch the parade!

It was a big show … on water. Surprise surprise!


It wasn’t bad. I was waiting for evil villains to show up, but that’s not really Disney, is it?
I tried to encourage the egg ships as they passed by yelling “Give ’em hell!“, “Waste the tyrants!“, and “Stain the sea red with the bastard’s mouse blood!” But the shirkers just kept on waving, dancing, and smiling.

Just a lot of floats, jet skiers, and Disney characters popping out of the tops of those egg float/boat things. I’m sure Somali pirates would have no problem with them.

Gepetto? I thought he was an ice cream!

Afterwards a few characters were spotted roaming the streets.

When I was the same age as the kid on the right I had mouse ears; those were cool. I’m glad I wasn’t born in the Stitch era.

Duffy Bear beats Duffy Wannabe Kid

… or the Duffy era.
What’s with Duffy Bear? I’ve never heard of him! 10% of the people in the park were carrying around Duffy Bear dolls … I felt left out … and old … and uncool … as usual.

married ... but not really as binding as a Las Vegas one

I did go on one ride. I knew it was going to be lame … like “It’s a small world” since there was only a 10 minute line up.  But since you’ve probably not visited the Magical Aquatic Kingdom, I have to say that it was unbelievably amazing and better than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life … even before I was born even!!!
The couple in front of me must have had a Disney wedding. It’s probably like a Las Vegas wedding, but not so binding … and expires with your ticket.

Mickey was there!

There were multiple Mickey spottings. Possibly he has look-a-likes working for him. I saw him in more place than I usually see Elvis in regularly.

guess the celebrity

Minnie was around too!  Can you spot which one she is?

Overall … it was extremely busy and not condusive to going on rides, but it was still pretty cool and fun to wander around. At the end of the day it was $60 to have lunch, which was another $10; but it was fun and a bit different in a familiar way.
I’d go again, but only if I was there earlier and had a game plan that involved planning and earlyishness.

Is it the “Happiest Place On Earth”? 

I don’t know …  but it beats work.



6 responses to “When I’m Not Blogging, I May Have Gone To …

  1. Truly frightening pictures. I may have nightmares.

  2. That minnie mouse photo? Hilarious. I enjoyed your expensive little trip! That sign suggests short people, fat people, and um…old people should not be taking any rides. Hell, I like parades, though.

  3. Planning and early-ish ness, and oh yeah, bringing Sweetiegirlz with you! I’m glad that place isn’t worried about being politically correct when they mention certain shapes not being able to go on rides. haha! oh btw…Please stop by and vote on your favorite pictures from those I preselected a few days ago… I need and value the Cheesey votes as well…Next Monday I start my new website. yay.

  4. I went on a Disney cruise last April (family thing, you know). Think of it! A whole week on a boat full of Disny characters and Disney loving kids! No rides, though… so no need for the sign about body shapes. S. Le, if these pictures give you nightmares, think about a Disney CRUISE!

  5. Wow, acording to that sign if I went on the ride the top 3cm of my skull would be left behind. What a way to get a flat top!
    Great photos. Quite cheezy.

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    S. Le: obvious you are not an aphrodisneyac. hee hee! I don’t know about the curly hair part; just guessing.

    w1kkp: I think it was only the Indian Jones ride that had this subtle sign.
    I wanted to get a shot of Minnie’s head, but the shoes were the best I could do.

    sweetiegirlz: Disney issues a calendar with possible “busy” days highlighted: everyday is highlighted.
    I’ll go over to your blog promptly.

    Donald Diddams: a Disney cruise sounds … strange. I bet the kids like it though!
    Not trying to be offensive or anything, but … your name seems very Disneyish. hee hee!

    prairieflounder: I actually thought of you when I saw that sign: your height and Klingon sweater is burnt into my memory.
    A 195cm limit is pretty low really … but as I walk around my rented house with 180cm doorframes, I guess it should have been expected.

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