The House, The Tree, And The Rock

moving slowly


 I think these people are trying to move their house … very slowly.


note: if patience is a virtue, these people are very virtuous.

double note: actually they are bending the tree away from the carport area, but man they must really love that tree to put up with having to navigate the obstacle course they’ve created at their front door.

5 responses to “The House, The Tree, And The Rock

  1. WOW…..I find it interesting how certain people can view a situation over others. Great photo. Says a lot!

  2. Patient and Wise.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Doraz: I guess these people had a few rocks just kicking around doing nothing.

    pochp: I’ve driven by this place twice a week for about 2 years now and only recently noticed this. Somehow I don’t think it was just added recently though.
    Thanks for the tip about not clicking on “the big red button on the computer screen”.

  4. I thought it was a weather rock.
    Moving = windy
    Wet = raining
    Invisible = foggy
    etc etc…

  5. Tony: I drove by this place a few days ago and now they have a piece of wood hanging there.

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