Dreams, People, And Other Imaginary Stuff

Hello Kitty Cowboy!


People are like dreams … some you remember and some you forget.

It`s the same for everyone, so it`s not worth losing any sleep over.

Maybe they will reoccur and I’ll remember them next time.


note: one dream woke me up and told me I was snoring; but she turned out to be more of a nightmare really.

double note: I think I’ll remember this “Hello Kitty Cowboy” walking through Tokyo Station for a while. 



6 responses to “Dreams, People, And Other Imaginary Stuff

  1. I try really hard to remember everyone I have met! I would hope they would do the same! Maybe they would rather FORGET! UGH!

  2. Doraz: A lot of people from the past seem to disappear from my memory. I used to know the 300 people in my high school … and now it seems I went to school with only 20 or 30. (sad face)

  3. Class reunions? No interest?

  4. I dream of beans….

    Not really sure what that means, But I though it would be important to let you know.

  5. Ervin Sholpnick: that sounds like an old TV show: I Dream of Beanies with Barbara Eden. hee hee!

    Hey! if Sting can dream about Blue Turtles, then Beans are okay too.

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