Mixing Up Words

Place of Refuge

Place of Refuse


I always mix these 2 places up.

I think I`m dumping my orange peels and coffee grounds at the wrong location.


note: in the event of an emergency, I`ll be at one of these 2 places.

double note: that compost pile has really deteriorated.



12 responses to “Mixing Up Words

  1. Compost? mmmmm… I can smell it from here. Great counterpoint in those pics!

  2. Maybe you need to change that diet of yours to make it more simple for ya!!!

  3. I refuse to dump refuse at a refuge. How dare you?

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Donald Diddams: thanks. … although the liquid manure from the next field kind of masks the composts scent.

    Doraz: I’ll write a memo to myself on a compost-it note. hee hee!

    Marian Fortunati: Thanks for stopping by. You have some very nice art over on your blog. … that goes ditto for Mr. Diddams. (smiley face)

    S.Le: The “places of refuge” here are schools. I guess in the case of a big emergency I can finally sample one of the school lunches!!!

  5. From the sign, it looks like the place of refuge involves somebody obliviously walking into a great big hole in the ground …

  6. I understand that if the fuse burns out one must refuse. What is a “fuge?”

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Dennis the Vizsla: yes, it looks like a very poor game of Twister. hee hee!

    Bunk Strutts: it’s a suffix. I’m using subterfuge to respond to your comment. hee hee!

  8. plane– I honestly thought your were going to say something about MosDef’s centrifuge in D minor. Since I prolly can’t out-pun you, I’ll stay on as your straight man.

  9. Bunk Strutts: I’m not hip to this MosDef of which you speak: I don’t listen to classical music very often. hee hee!

  10. MosDef is a loud mental midget:

    Bunk Strutts: thanks for the link. I’ve heard the name before, but just didn’t know any of his music … or what he looked like.

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