If I’m Here, It Must Be Today #6

"Hard To Breathe" from Kelly Pettit's "FUEL"



Today I felt good enough to go to the doctor.


It's a note, but not one of those "Cole" ones.

subtitle:    ”Hard To Breathe”   She asphyxiated me, but I wasn’t really broken.

I’ll try to do one of these a day, until I run out of  Kelly Pettit  song titles! He’s got 4 CDs, so it should take a while.

“Hard To Breathe” from Kelly Pettit’s  ”FUEL”.



2 responses to “If I’m Here, It Must Be Today #6

  1. Either none of these blogs are understood by your fellow friends OR they are under the impression that really, nothing is ever free.


    I’m still downloading though 🙂

  2. Kelly Pettit: Thanks for putting these songs on for FREE! It’s greatly appreciated!
    We can’t start beating people over the head! … not anymore at least.

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