I do like wrestling!

Why do you ask?


note: this is what happens when dogs lose bets.

double note: I think this dog would like to disown its owner.

triple note: when I asked to take the photo, the owner made sure the mask and outfit were all straightened and tidy.

quadruple note: I’d hate to see how their kids are dressed.

quintuple note:

“How does it feel to be wearing that outfit in public?”




8 responses to “Woof!

  1. OMG….I love it! You should see what they did to the kid on my blog today!!!! LOL

  2. He should disown his owner. Shame on people who dress their animals in embarrassing clothes. Perhaps the owner dresses that way as well. They say people look like their pets. I hope so in this case.

  3. I think that animals SHOULD wear clothes! If I can’t go around naked, then no one should!


  4. thats one dog owner whos going to wake up to a puddle of pee in his shoes.

  5. Maybe it’s still puppy and is into things like this. Don’t you remember when you were a kid?

  6. I wonder if the person has a child. Really, only childless people dress their dogs up. They have nothing better to do. How do I know this? Because I was one of them. My dog was Superman for Halloween once. He was our “child” before we had a real one.

  7. Which one of the “Watchmen” is this again?

  8. Thanks for the comments:

    Doraz: that kid looks pretty funny.

    S. Le: the owner was a 40 something woman wearing a jean jacket, but she didn’t have a mask on.

    Turkish Prawn: They should have to wear neckties too!

    Nooter: thanks for stopping by. The owner would deserve it definitely.

    Kelly Pettit: hee hee! ahhh adolescence! I’d forgotten. thanks.

    Tammy: I took this in the Odaiba area of Tokyo. In one of the shopping centers there is the most over the top pet store I’ve ever visited. People bring their pets to be groomed, outfitted in outfits, and to enjoy the free samples at the “dog bakery” counter! Dog birthday cakes are very popular. Oh! the people like to show off their dogs too!

    Dennis the Vizsla: I think he was a lesser character … possibly a henchman of sorts.

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