Character Building

Mickey getting mobbed

When I see costumed characters, I am aware that there is a person in the costume sweating away and doing a job.

I think most adults share this awareness.

But at Disney Parks, many people seem to forget this and 
… basically go crazy when they spot Mickey and company wandering around.

I’m not totally immuned: I get sucked in to the fantasy for a second before I start thinking that there most likely is a short woman in the Mickey outfit.

I didn’t fully grasp what an amazing  job Disney has done in creating this illusion until last weekend at DisneySea.

While watching Mickey appear in many different outfits during a musical performance, my friend said “Mickey must have to change into all those costumes really quickly backstage.

I replied “Maybe it’s just a different person in a different Mickey Mouse costume with a different outfit coming out each time.

I’m mean like that sometimes.


note: How fast would Disney sue me for walking around in a Mickey Mouse costume?

double note:
How many people have had their photo taken with a person wearing a Mickey Mouse costume at a Disney Park over the years?  millions? billions?
How many people while showing their photos say, “This is me with a person in a Mickey Mouse costume.”?  probably none.

triple note: Do you want your Disney dream bubble burst? There is a little guy in the Minnie costume waiting for work to finish so he can go out and get drunk with his buddies.   POP!

quadruple note: I do like Disney parks and will put another entry on in the near future with more Disney Outlandishness.

9 responses to “Character Building

  1. When I see costumed characters I RUN THE OTHER WAY! I find them a bit frightening.

  2. My Uncle works at Disney World in Florida. I remember him telling me a story when I was in my early teens about the employees who work in the Disney character suits. Apparently the worst suit to wear was the Goofy suit, so which ever employee was not displaying the required amount of cheerfulness would be Goofy for a week. The term “Wearing the Goofy Suit” was used as a euphemism for being punished for lack of team spirit. I am not sure if the story is true, but the phrase is still used to this day.

  3. I have to admit that I got “sucked in to the fantasy” until I saw Pinocchio with such large hips for a wooden puppet boy. I lost all confidence in costumed people at that point.

  4. The popularity of Mickey mystifies me. He wasn’t in very many movies and the really old cartoons were pretty lame .

    Maybe Disney is just taking the Mickey.

  5. It’s getting a peek at the person’s face through their costume’s giant eyeballs that kills it for me. Hope you had fun!

  6. When I was 8 years old my parents took us to Disneyland. I didn’t like Donald Duck very much and so I kicked him in the shins. I was like that for about a year. If I didn’t like someone, generally boys, I kicked them in the shins. Now I feel really bad about that. Poor person-in-a-Donald-suit. I probably ruined his/her day.

  7. I would hate that job!!!! Hot days have got to be the pits!!!! The smile on kids faces are the best, though! The scared kids running the other way, even better!!! LOL

  8. A day in a Mickey suit. Ahh. A nice, juicy slice of Hell. I can’t imagine.

    Here in Maine, every once in a while you see some poor shlub in a lobster suit, waving at tourists as they drive by. Again… I can’t imagine. Ugh!


  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    S. Le: I only know one way to run. hee hee!

    prairieflounder: I wonder how long employees have to spend in those costumes. At Disneyland and DisneySea they seem to appear for 10 minutes and then disappear behind those conveniently placed “Employees Only” doors.
    I wouln’t want to be Chip or Dale … because no would really know which one I was anyway most of the time.

    Tammy: they should have had a more “widdled” person in that Pinocchio costume.

    razzbuffnik: Winnie the Pooh is a pretty big mystery too! He is Disney’s top money maker for merchandise and he’s never been in a movie!

    sweetiegirlz: that’s a definite illusion breaker.

    Epicurienne: I think the people in the costumes take a beating on a regular basis: I bet they can spot possible “shinkickers” very easily.

    Doraz: It must be serious let down when they get out of costume: no one loves them anymore.
    I bet those costumes get cleaned everyday … otherwise they would just reek!

    Turkish Prawn: There used to be a carpet store mascot who waved to people on the side of a busy street in Victoria, B.C.. He was dressed as a roll of carpet! I bet he would like to be a lobster.

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