Money Making Scheme #13

still cool on the sun!


I’m  going to sell non-melting ice.

It’s a simple yet ingenious method: actually I am quite surprised that I thought of it.

Now that I think about it … I don’t know who would really want non-melting ice. Maybe I’ll just throw out all the paperwork and notes on this one and chalk it up as a bad idea.


note: “non-melting popsicles” would suck big time … even if you sucked on them big time.

double note: Wow! that opens up a lot of room in my freezer!

triple note: “non-freezing ice” would probably be a better money maker.

quadruple note: the water in my frying pan is from not washing and drying it properly with regular water.

quintuple note: Money Making Scheme #1 and #2 and #3 and #4 and #5 and #6 and #7  and #8  and #9  and #10  and #11  and 12 are still scheming.

sextuple note: I’m off for an adventure this weekend! I think DisneySea may be involved! Have a great weekend! See you (figuratively) on Monday.

6 responses to “Money Making Scheme #13

  1. Well, it is good that you have other plans to fall back on!! This one, ugh…?? At least you are trying! 😉 Hope you enjoy your weekend. Are you taking pictures??

  2. I especially like the non-melting popsicles sucking big time. lol

    And Turk’s dehydrated ice. lol

  3. Once when the power went out I went to the store and bought several of bags of ice to save the foodstuffs in our refrigerator, but when I got back to the house, the power was back on.

    So I took the bags of ice back to the store, told them the ice was defective, that it didn’t cool properly. They refunded my money with no questions.

  4. When I used to work in the photo industry it was common practice to use blocks of acrylic as ice cubes in drinks photos so we could take our time to get the shot just right. The condensation on the outside of the glass was simulated with sprayed on glycerine as well.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Turkish Prawn: dehydrated ice makes me thirsty.

    Doraz: I’m sure the person who invents non-melting ice will be sent to the Arctic or Antarctic for their troubles.
    I snapped a few shots last weekend.

    S. Le: thanks. I liked TP’s response too.
    There are dehydrated icepacks, but they require refrigeration. My formula? No refrigeration necessary.

    Bunk Strutts: hey! I think I worked at that store!

    razzbuffnik: I never take time taking “shots” … and ice doesn’t really fit in shot glasses very well anyway. hee hee!
    I always wondered how those ad guys carved all those subliminal messages into the icecubes. Now I know.

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