People Who Talk To Themselves …

stone in love


People who talk to themselves:

– should think about what they are saying.

– make me grumble.

– should pretend they are sleeping … because that stuff can’t be helped.

– are just breathing phonetically.

– shouldn’t … because after a while the conversation may get a bit one-sided.

– are utterly annoying.

– eventually don’t have anyone to talk to.

– should have a pet or phone with them so they don’t look so weird.

– are unsound … but with sound!

– should speak more clearly.

– probably go crazy eventually.

– shouldn’t … because they more often than not digress into mumbling, groaning, and grunting.

– really should start singing to themselves … because that’s okay!


note: The above statue has nothing to do with someone talking to themself. Someone told me to take a picture of it; but when I looked around to see who said it, the person was gone.

double note: has anyone heard from jimsmuse or pannonica?  … because sometimes I feel like I’m blogging to myself without them around. (sad face)

 triple note: I noticed pannonica was back while doing this, but will leave her in the double note because it’s the thought that matters. (smiley face)

 quadruple note: I can’t hear myself think out loud with those people around!

11 responses to “People Who Talk To Themselves …

  1. For many, many years, I worked completely by my self. I got to work in the morning and worked away for the entire day without ever speaking to another person until I got home. Then, one day I got a job in an office. After a week or two, one of my new coworkers came up to me and tole me that I talked to my self.

    A LOT.

    I replied that I knew and was trying to stop but the conversations were always so witty, amusing and thought provoking. For some reason, she never sat next to me in the break room after that.


  2. that is the cutest statue!

  3. Now, you want me to believe that you NEVER talk to yourself????? Right??? I talk to myself all the time! I even answer me!!! I love talking to myself. I never hurt my own feelings!!! ROFL *(*

  4. I don’t think planetross talks to himself although I’m not there to find out.

    However, when you live alone I’m sure the odds are much higher than if you’re surrounded by people.

    Is living in a cyper space world blogging to a computer of strangers in the same category? If so, we’re all guilty.

  5. If Tom Hanks did not have Wilson when Cast Away on his island, he may have been accused of self-taking.
    A volleyball called Wilson should be added to the list of things to carry to avoid being regarded as weird.
    Kelly, I don’t feel guilt. Wilson neither.

  6. Maybe people who talk to themselves should have their sentences commuted.

    Look, it’s either we talk to ourselves OR, wallpaper the house, car and office with Post-it Notes.

    I say, blab on.

  7. One good thing about talking to yourself is that you know someone’s actually listening.

  8. Are you talking about me? No me! Is it only talking to yourself when uttered aloud? So voices in your head are just “thinking?” I’m confused, and so am I.

  9. I agree. There should be an outreach program to distribute non-working, non-recyclable cell phones to the homeless and/or crazy.

  10. Thanks for all the comments.

    Turkish Prawn: I’ve been trying to monitor my “talking to myself” since I put this up. It seems I do most of it while alone.
    When I visit hotsprings I’m amazed at how many older men never stop talking themselves the entire time they are there: groaning, grunting, and giving a running commentary on everthing from water temperature to passing bees flying by.

    sweetiegirlz: thanks. I keep driving by this one (it sits in a little park beside the road) and finally stopped to take a photo.

    Doraz: oh! I talk to myself, but try to keep it to a minimum when around other people. When I drive I talk a lot to other drivers, but they can’t hear me. hee hee!

    Kelly Pettit: Actually I talk to myself all the time while you’re around; you just think I’m talking to you. hee hee!

    nathaliewithanh: everybody needs a Wilson! hee hee!

    Bonnie Luria: I saw some “talking post-it notes” for sale at a store, but when I looked more closely they were just regular post-it notes with a cartoon style dialogue balloon on them. I was disappointed.

    razzbuffnik: I listen to myself, but fail to follow my good advice sometimes.

    S. Le: I wonder if people with hearing impairments “sign” to themselves.

    pannonica: welcome back! Your idea is not without merit.

  11. What do you think about people who talk in their sleep? Is that still talking to themselves? Or is that talking to the bedding? What about pillow talk? That sounds like talking to the bedding but it’s talking to a lover whilst (presumably) with head/s on pillow/s. Gosh PR, how on earth does anyone EVER work out how to speak English? It’s no wonder so many people talk to themselves. They’re practising.

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