Like Prometheus, But Different



He used to have a happy face before the people bought a dog.


note: this rock is pretty cool sitting on the end of someone’s driveway. I bet the body looks amazing! I’m grabbing a shovel!!

double note: if you haven’t checked out the comic “Welcome to the miserable world of PROMETHEUS…” , you really should.
The link is also over in the blogroll on the right … near the bottom. It’s an alphabetical thing I guess.

7 responses to “Like Prometheus, But Different

  1. I think it’s JESUS!

  2. It is way cool.

  3. I always wanted to have something like this! Some day I’ll build a cabin in the woods and finally have a reason to get my self a good set of stone chisels.


  4. It does look like Jesus. Or a penguin standing on a giant coffee bean and flapping his wings.

  5. Have that guy read your posts and maybe he will cheer up a bit, they work for me!!! LOL *(*

  6. The photo rocks! I think it looks like Jerry Garcia or maybe even Bob Marley (rock to the rock).

    Thanks for the link to Prometheus. I’m hooked.

  7. Davis: I think he looks more like John the Baptist myself.

    S. Le: I noticed this gem while just walking around the back streets near my place.

    Turkish Prawn: I think this is natural. hee hee!

    prometheuscomic: it does look like a penguin on a giant coffee bean! Good eye!!
    It’s like one of those optical illusion pictures that Doraz puts on her blog.

    Doraz: I’ll give him my blog address when I pass by him again. hee hee!

    Tammy: I agree, it does resemble Jerry Garcia or Bob Marley a bit.
    … definitely not Johnny Cash at least … but how cool would a Johnny Cash rockface be? pretty cool I bet! hee hee!

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