Biology And Clocks And Other Logical Stuff

Big Ben


I think my biological clock is solar powered … and needs new batteries.


note: My biological watch is running a bit slow too!

double note: Do you know a good biological clock repair person you could recommend?

triple note: actually I don’t have a biological clock … or watch; I threw out all that Biology stuff after High School.

quadruple note: Hey! Supertramp misses number 4 in that song!

9 responses to “Biology And Clocks And Other Logical Stuff

  1. I don’t even use a watch anymore — just my cellphone

  2. I LOVE this! So stylish! So cool! So, “I want one!” You are very hip!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I think somebody should clean your clock! ha!

    A bit naughty there, eh Ross? Big clock indeed.

  4. Dear planetross, Fair Dude,
    I think I went under the laminar flow for a few weeks, and also, one has those days that just go on and nothing occurs, so, but I’m around and about and thank you for checking in so v often.
    Is your clock ready for the big weekend coming UP?
    Warm regards,

  5. I have a biological watch.
    Super tramp No. 4???
    When he was young life was so 1-derful
    I didn’t notice 2 & 3 either, 1 was the only number I could find in the song or am I just very inattentive.
    I like U2’s 1 song or should they have sung about 2 or You Too I found it on U2B. I like U2 & your blog 2. Numbers are obviously so important to the music industry. I four one have noticed the importance of getting in to the top 10. A lot of songs promote 6yness & you can often download songs for 3 on the internet. I am hungry now so it’s time I 8. I am waffling so I will stop & click the button to post this comment on your gr8 blog. I 1der if anyone will read this stupid comment, maybe those who come here off10. OK it’s getting worse I will click submit now….

  6. Why the elephant? I like elephants though, my fav animal. My biological clock drove me crazy so I threw it out a couple of years ago.

  7. This is a great one, Ross. I can see people wanting this on their mousepads, coffee cups, aprons and shopping bags and ….

  8. Thanks for all the comments!
    Sorry, I took a day off there.

    Davis: You have a biological cellphone? Is it really cellular?

    Doraz: the only thing hipper than this elephant with a clock in it is … the hippo with a clock in it. hee hee!

    Yoga Berri: thanks for leaving a comment. The weekend proved to be timeless. (sad face)

    S. Le: I was going to have the elephant say “They don’t call me Big Ben because of the clock baby!”, but thought I’d try to be subtle. hee hee!

    Tony: Hee Hee!
    Roman Numerals wouldn’t be as much fun to play around with.

    Tammy: I thought an animal with a clock on it would be a true biological clock. Then I thought what animal would look cool with a clock on it. Then I thought what animal with a clock on it would be practical: elephants live a long time and are big … so they’d have big clocks that you could see from far away.
    A turtle would be more practical really, but I can’t draw turtles very well.

    w1kkp: thanks!

  9. If you’re celibate does that mean your biological clock is on daylight savings?

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