Speed Traps

new bumperstickers!


After I drive through a speed trap, I usually keep to the speed limit for about a minute and then speed up again.

If I were the police, I’d put up 2 speed traps about 10 minutes away from each other.

No one would suspect that!

People would probably really admire the police for being so clever too!


note: A double speed trap would be like one of those double dream sequences in “Aliens” or “American Werewolf in London“, except you’d get a ticket and have to pay a fine.

double note: I put a few new bumperstickers on the van to celebrate March 1st. The day has no special significance for me; I just thought I better do something other than flip the page on my calendar today.



10 responses to “Speed Traps

  1. so how much was the ticket? Your vagina sticker didn’t get you out of that? I’m amazed. Love the new stickers

  2. I remember on the news once they did the speed camera on a normal lights & sirens cop car in full view with another one a feww hundred metres up the road on an unmarked car. They caught heaps of people the 1st one didn’t get. People would slow down for the cop car then speed up after they passed & the unmarked car got them.
    I have no sympathy for speeders that get caught then moan & groan about the police just revenue raising or the cops are just mongrels. I reckon if you get caught, and I have been once a few years ago, you just shutup & wear it. If we choose to speed we should choose to accept the punishment if caught. Accountability for our own actions. We live just inside the town boundary on the northern highway inlet/outlet. It goes from 100kmh to 60kmh just up the road for traffic coming into town & so many cars & trucks come past our house doing 100+

  3. Well, I think you need even more stickers for the police to try reading them even more than they already are! You make following you interesting to them! Ha Ha Ha

  4. For a long time, whenever I spotted a car speeding, I would deftly and swiftly place the Miata right behind it thinking they would be the first one caught… then I saw the Arlington police.
    If you drive from Dallas to Fort-Worth, there is a spot on I-20 where the speed trap is set to catch three cars at a time. Three cops on motorcycle are just waiting for idiots like me to follow the fast car.
    Your new stickers are very stylish 🙂

  5. Hey! Nice car.

    I’m just letting you know that I’m back from my sabbatical and intend to visit this blog and post on mine again. That is all.

  6. Cool “I Am the Cheese” bumper sticker.

  7. You need one of those ones that says; “If you can read this I’ve lost my boat”

  8. I remember that double dream sequence in “American Werewolf in London” … it was the first time I’d ever seen that done in a movie and it freaked me out!

  9. Your “I am the cheese” sticker is brilliant.

  10. Thanks for all the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: no tickets so far; I’ve been lucky.
    Driver’s licenses over here are green, blue, and gold. If you have no points: green for 3 years, blue for 2 years, and then finally gold! If you receive any points you are downgraded to the next lower license again.
    I think the main difference is when you renew your license: if you have a gold one you don’t have to sit through any safety films.

    note: I have a green one because I’ve only been back for 2 years.

    Tony: I think more people get tickets for not completely stopping at train crossings than for speeding over here. Although some people are just menaces.
    Me? I only speed in areas where I think the posted speed limit is too low. hee hee!

    Doraz: I don’t see too many cars with a lot of bumperstickers over here: other than “baby on board” ones. It’s probably because most people drive newer cars … and have some pride. hee hee!

    nathaliewithanh: yes! the new stickers are very stylish. (smiley face) While looking up “speed traps” … to see if it was one word or two … I noticed a website that listed many speed traps in the U.S. updated by people through their phones.

    Finicky Penguin: welcome back!

    Tammy: the new stickers were a birthday present. I’ve just been waiting for the weather to get better before I slapped them on.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I think that’s the first movie I ever saw with a double dream sequence too! That freaked me out!

    S. Le: thanks. I have one more: “The Cheese Stands Alone” with my “Disclaimer” bumshot on it, but I might actually get “negative feedback” on that one from someone if I put it on.

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