Too Much Effort

another great Christmas present!!


“Wednesday” and “February” require thinking.


note: language has suffered since the demise of the Phonetians.

double note:  There is a superfluous “s” on my name!
                                Get it off! Get it off!

triple note: I have no great pictures of Wednesdays or Februarys, so here is my “Ugly Doll“.  Jeero supposedly has no answers … he just wants to hang out on the couch and eat snacks with you.


11 responses to “Too Much Effort

  1. Hi Ros, I want to hang out with Jeero. Sugar wants to eat Jeero. February rocks, (it’s my birth month) Wednesday’s suck. even it it is called “hump” day.

  2. That’s anawesomely Ugly Doll, I want one

  3. I LOVE Jeero! I want to see him have fun, too! He looks a little confused *)*…what happened?????? LOL

  4. Those Ugly Dolls crack me up and the older and dirtier they get, the uglier they get. They are truly the only dolls which appreciate with age. 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: Jeero wouldn’t last long with Sugar … he’s only a mouthful.

    Tony: It is an awesomely Ugly Doll! You will have to find your own.

    Doraz: Jeero is very confused. I must have asked him a question.

    nathaliewithanh: you mean it’s going to get uglier? It’s quite hard to imagine.

  6. I have a strange hunch that Jeero may be my long lost better looking twin brother

  7. I just Google Imaged “Ugly Dolls” & OMG there’s heaps of different ones, I may have to Ebay one for my very own

  8. Oh No, I just Ebay searched & they aren’t available in Australia, international sales start at $31 each, that’s too much to pay, if I was gunna pay that much for a doll I’d want a good looking doll. Ugly ones should be no more than 5 bucks on account of their unattractiveness

  9. Hey what gives???
    I just went to the Planetross zazzle sit expecting to find a cheap $5 Ugly Doll there & when I got there the cupboard was bare….

  10. Tony: my Ugly Doll was a “December 25th” present … or maybe a “Being Born” present.
    I’m a t-shirt, mug, and mousepad on Zazzle: the Ugly Doll person has a stand elsewhere I guess. (smiley face)

  11. Tony, you crack me up! Your twin brother, huh? ROFL!

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