It Happens Every Year

might as well just buy a box of red ones!

I don’t know much, but …

I do know that between Christmas and Valentine’s Day “red coloring pencils” take a significant beating!


note: yellow, pink, blue, and green … you’re next.

double note: orange and black … see you in October.

triple note: Who started drawing “hearts” in that silly non-heart way any how? If you think that your heart looks like that, you are seriously fooling yourself.

quadruple note: I bet more chocolates would fit into an actual heart shaped box.

Oh! there are few left in the Pulmonary Artery! … Total score!

The ones in the Aorta are mine!!!

quintuple note: “You’re in my ventricle, you’re in my atrium;
                                        You’ll be my friend when I grow old.”

6 responses to “It Happens Every Year

  1. I thought you used all the red marking the student’s papers or colouring all those giant red gumballs.

    I’m not eating anything out of an actual heart. That’s just gross!

  2. My thoughts exactly, S. Le, I too thought the red was used up from “coloring” all those red gumballs.

    I’m not a big fan of hearts and pink…kind of too “girly” for me.

  3. How long exactly did it take you to sharpen this red pencil to oblivion?
    You’re obviously well-red but the quintuple note smacks of poetartery. 🙂

  4. if you wanted to be super anatomically accurate, you could color your heart purple and red and blue.

    then take the black crayon and scribble a big black friggin x over it until your pencil breaks in half…

    sorry, I guess I got carried away. I don’t know where that came from.

  5. When I was a kid, I used up my “gold” pencil first. Even though it was only yellow. The “silver” pencil was an even bigger disappointment as it was merely grey. I get so sucked in by words.

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    S. Le: The red gumballs did require a sharpening or two, but I usually do marking with a red pen. Actually, I have “4 color” pens where you can switch between red, black, blue, and green.
    It’s always hard to throw away the pen with a full green ink cartridge in it: it’s not easy being green.
    Blue ink isn’t very popular over here either, but I manage to use it up somehow.

    Tammy: I thought you were going to agree with S. Le. about eating chocolates out of a real heart, but you agreed about the coloring of red gumballs instead! ha ha!

    nathaliewithanh: I did a bit of trickery with the red coloring pencil: it’s from another set. It’s still actively being used in the classroom and is a favorite with children that have very small hands. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: breaking pencil crayons in half is unacceptable in the classroom … unless it’s the white one … because then who really cares. hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: There are always a few students who seem disappointed that there isn’t a silver coloring pencil in the set. Then I tell them to use black or their regular pencil and just don’t use so much force; they get happy after that. I am a problem solver sometimes.

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