psssstt ... you have dirty ears


Are Q-tips the Western equivalent to fortune cookies?

… they never tell me anything except that I have dirty ears.


note: pssst. I got nothing.

double note: I’m listening, but no tips are forthcoming.

triple note: It’s going to be another good ‘ear!



2 responses to “Q-Tips

  1. Perhaps that could have “queue-tips” printed on them so you can get through lines quicker.

    Here’s one to start with:

    Next time you’re waiting in a line, insert a Q-tip in your ear, twist, and then show your ear wax to the other people in the line. This action may scare a few people away and therefore your wait will be shorter.

    razzbuffnik: I’d be worried about the people that aren’t scared away! hee hee!
    My father used to say, “The only thing you should stick in your ear is your elbow.”

  2. Two necessities in life, Q-tips and tweezers.

    Have you ever read your fortune with “in bed” after each sentence? If you haven’t, try it.
    It’s fun.

    Tammy: hee hee! I’ll try that! At the moment, I only have “unfortunate cookies“.

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