Seven Little Ones

expensive thumbtacks



I was so sleepy I didn’t even get behind the wheel.


Even my name is pissing me off today!


I’ve been known to binge sneeze.


Is it “unsociably shy” or “sociably shy”?


I’m having problems balancing my chemicals.


I received an honorary doctorate in philosophy from an online university.
Kidney transplant?  No problem!


If you are more than happy, are you not happy?


note: If I did one for Snow White, I’d have to change the title!

6 responses to “Seven Little Ones

  1. I like the Doc one. You know that really happens. Have you ever done word play with names? I thought of it with Snow White.
    For example Wendy Snow, Crystal Ball, Amber Stone, Les Moore. Just wondering.

  2. I’m having trouble balancing my chemicals too

  3. Your little men look like skydivers in formation falling from a sideways wooden sky.

    Maybe it’s me that’s having trouble with the chemical balancing act.

  4. Snow White is with me tonight. Sorry.

  5. Monsieur Shinn has just been awarded an honorary fraternity membership, honor bestowed upon men of sterling character and staunch uprightness. They must have looked under the toga!
    You’d never have a movie called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” nowadays. It would be Snow White and Seven Severely Vertically Challenged Men.” What’s up with Snow White living with seven men anyway?

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Tammy: I usually just play with real people’s names behind their backs while they aren’t looking … but they still hear me! The kids I teach have all been given horrible rhyming names … by someone.

    nursemyra: thanks for stopping by! chemical imbalancing is so much easier, but too much of a rollercoaster ride.

    razzbuffnik: I bought those expensive thumbtacks a while ago, but they are more like little screws. I was looking for 7 of something to go with this one: macaroni, Q-tips, toes, matchbooks, …
    Those thumbtacks have finally come in handy!

    Kelly Pettit: you are living in fantasyland my friend.

    nathaliewithanh: 7 is the magic number. The Dwarves are like the magnificent 7, but smaller and lacking guns and Yul Brynner and other stuff.

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