note: in the fantasy seesaw/teeter totter realm of things.

double note: “I only trust 2 people; my mother … and you’re not the other one.”
(brutalized line from Con-Air)

6 responses to “Trust

  1. hmmm.i dont trust you neither. lol

  2. How many times has that line been uttered on playgrounds around the world? And how many times did they LIE!?

    -Turkish Prawn

  3. As a kid, I heard from my brother, “you get in first” then he’d sit on top of my dad’s old navy trunk and laugh his ass off!

    I imagine having a teeter totter smash you in the balls is worse than having a boy jump off first.

  4. I stopped doing teeter totters a few years ago. I got too good at it that my friends were starting to perish.

  5. The desire to trust always seems more powerful than common sense.
    How many times could you victimize the same little kid? “I promise! This time, I won’t do it. I really promise this time.”

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    diane: thanks for stopping by! I’m very trustworthy!

    Turkish Prawn: I’ve been burned on this on many times … but not recently!

    sweetiegirlz: Oh! I meant jumping off the lowside. Jumping off on the highside is just no fun at all. I do have a friend who was in a really bad seesaw accident as a kid. He has 97 testicles now: one regular one and 96 very small ones. (seriously)

    Kelly Pettit: A few years ago??? I saw you at the park yesterday while I was on my way to skip rocks in the river.

    nathaliewithanh: I agree. The road to the emergency ward is paved with broken promises.

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