maybe 2 will come out!



note: maybe two will come out!

double note: life before math and physics.



5 responses to “Optimism

  1. Ah yes. We all thought we could “will” out the colour gumball we wanted. One of those big ones would be fantastic!

    Good you’re so optimistic. Life is more fun that way.

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  3. Might I suggest a pair of rose-colored glasses? That way any gumball will be red(dish).

    pannonica: perspectacles would be nice. hee hee!

  4. But how’d they get the red gumballs in there? It’s a scam, and I would have lost lots of money!

    Kelly Pettit: It’s a difficult process getting them into the machine … kind of like getting cars into car showrooms or something. Getting the red gumballs into the drawing was easy: I drew them first!

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