The food replicator has PEZ!!!

I bet a lot of people laughed at the inventor of the PEZ dispenser.

“Why would someone buy a device that isn’t necessary to eat the product?”

“Who wants a crappy candy that looks like it’s being regurgitated for you to enjoy?”


Whoever thought of that was a consumerism visionary!

or … a comsumerary or visionumerist or something like that.


note: for everything you ever wanted or didn’t want to know about PEZ check here.

double note: I was born too late.

triple note: If you steal from the PEZ company, is it called empezzling?

quadruple note: I bet the PEZ motto is “One is born every minute, and they can eat 12 before reloading“.

quintuple note: image from here.

sextuple note: I wonder if there are any birth control pill PEZ dispensers. (sorry, just getting strange here)

septuple note: Are people that eat PEZ called PEZants?

6 responses to “PEZzaz

  1. Think they will make a Pez ident Obama? That would be brilliant.

    That Star Trek Pez set is awesome! Who wouldn’t want a candy regurgitated by Spock?

  2. i am SO getting one.

  3. When I worked in an office I had about 15 Pez dispensers mounted to the top of my cubicle wall so passerbys could help themselves. (It was the only way I could get people to visit me.)
    Happy belated birthday, Ross…

  4. “If you steal from the PEZ company, is it called empezzling?”

    hee hee.

    Birth control PEZ. The holders would have to be like 3 times as long…you know. 28 to a PEZ container. Hmmm…. A giraffe holder?

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    S. Le: “Pez ident” good one!
    I’d want a regurgitated candy from Mr. Spock; it would probably kill me, but I’d do it anyway. I’m sure he could bring me back with some Vulcan medicine or something cool.

    Otto Mann: I keep hearing the voice when you leave comments.

    prometheuscomic: you were a “PEZ enabler”, shame on you. Prometheus would look good on a PEZ dispenser: very PEZ friendly features.

    sweetiegirlz: a giraffe or a few rabbits. I wonder if there is a kangaroo PEZ dispenser with a pouch to carry around refills.

  6. If there is a birth control pill Pez dispenser, I don’t want to know what it looks like.

    Dennis the Vizsla: you’re singing to the choir here!

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