More Really Bad Things


These things would also be really bad:


A static Klingon

A venetian blind date

A key chainsaw massacre

A shadow nut

Pungi stickmen

A coffee mugging


Bowling pins and needles

A septic tank top

Poison dartboards

Strychnine ball games

Thurston Howell the 3rd degree burns


Asphalt lines


A needs reparachute

DEF CONstipation

Cemetary plot summaries

Pigeon toe trucks

A psoriacyst

An ad campaign in the ass

Lollygagging on lollipops

Rancid Vicious

Magic mushrheumatism

Being hungoverboard

Morning aftershaves

Athlete’s foot in mouth disease

Mad Cowboycotts

Gravy stainglass window shoplifters



Eulogy strings


note: I do have a “monk keychain after all”!

double note: enough of these ones for a while; my mind is turning into a bag of trickles.

triple note: Really Bad Things are still bad over here.

4 responses to “More Really Bad Things

  1. I was going to tell you the ones I thought were the funniest but the list was so long it would look like I was copying your list.

    Again the tags are as funny and numerous as the post itself.

  2. For the lack of anything else, I echo S.Le because there’s nothing else to say.

    Is that brain licensed, PR?

  3. It reminds me of “wheel of fortune” game show when they have 2 puzzles fused together to guess. Theirs are stupid. Yours are funny. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I think my favourite is “Thurston Howell the 3rd degree burns“, but that’s just me: a little nostalgic and a little sick.

    Bonnie Luria: the brain has a learner’s permit right now, but I’m working on something more “contactile” slowly … ever so slowly.

    sweetiegirlz: thanks! … although if you said they were just stupid, I would have been happy anyway. hee hee!

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