On The Side Of The Road

Up in the Andes! Chile/Argentina border.

I’m tired of this crap!

I will not put up with it any longer.

Waiting around and nothing happening; standing still and going nowhere; wasting time and never reaching my destination!

That’s it!

The Bus Stops Here!

… oh! … it stops over there on the other side of the road?

… sorry.


note: When you are mad, putting your foot down is a good thing; otherwise you will just be hopping mad.

double note: drawing lines in the sand is like caveman Etch A Sketch or something.

triple note: The last time I made a stand was in woodworking class when I was 14. 
 … maybe it was a hat rack?

quadruple note: Thinking about woodworking class is kindling old memories and fires for me.



3 responses to “On The Side Of The Road

  1. Did you form an orderly queue of 1?

  2. S. Le: thanks for commenting on this one. I was getting worried that it had been re-routed somewhere.

    I like that, “an orderly queue of 1“; it sounds James Bondish like “Quantum of Solace

  3. Not original I’m afraid. I read it in an Anthropology book that if an Englishman is waiting for a bus and he is alone, he will form an orderly queue of 1. Brilliant and hilarious, yet true.

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