none here; I checked!


“Excuse me!

The sign says you are not virgin. Is that correct?

I can show you how to become even less virgin.”

“hee hee hee hee hee”  produced in low growly salivating voice.


*SPECIAL NOTE*  sorry, I got carried away. I think there are 5 new entries here. I’m done for the night … maybe.

note: I think the staff are all married or in meaningful relationships.

double note: soap shop people are so promiscuous.

triple note: some shops will do anything for a sale!

quadruple note: I’m starting to like the direction this recycling craze is going!

7 responses to “Virgins

  1. Five posts on one evening?! WTF? I’m one finger typing my stupid comments on my damn phone! Planetross, restrain yourself, will you! I can’t keep up and I’m feeling the onset of carpal stress to my writing finger. 😦
    Not to mention the wisdom of quitting while you’re ahead (in reference to your Special Note) 🙂

  2. will “Virgins” tag produce more hits? let’s find out


  3. P.S. You may not like the visitors you get who are trolling for virgins.

  4. Why is the not in quotes?

    Maybe it should have said, We are not “virgins”?

  5. Whoops, I typoed an extra “s” there.

  6. I wouldn’t be allowed to work at that store 😦

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    nathaliewithanh: Just getting a few blogs cleared away before I go back on a little vacation. I would have put on another one, but there was a hockey game on tv!

    S. Le: I thought about that, but then did it anyway. Nothing so far. Probably just as well.

    pannonica: This sign was outside a soap shop at a shopping centre. I think they wanted to emphasize that they were using recycled stuff (packaging at least). I’m not sure how soap gets recycled. I’m amazed they wrote the sign in English!

    Viktor: too much information. hee hee! There is a “Virgin” record store at the other end of the shopping centre!

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