If I Live To Be A Hundred …

a good place for a photo opportunity!


I will never forget daydreaming in the passenger seat of a car and seeing a guy up ahead with a camera on the side of the busy road. 
I then noticed a woman with a long fur coat standing on some steps used by railway workers.

I remember thinking, “Why are they taking photos there? The scenic river view is on the other side of the road.

While I was thinking this thought and slowly turning my head  because I am a nosey person … the woman opened up the fur coat and was wearing nothing underneath but her birthday suit!!!

Turn around! Turn around!” I screamed at my girlfriend driving the car.

She wouldn’t. 


note: Later, telling this story to everyone I knew, they all asked the same question: “Was the woman Japanese?”   To which I replied, “How should I know, I wasn’t looking at her face!”

double note: driving passed this place always makes me smile.

triple note: sorry the photo is blurry; I got all shaky for some reason.



4 responses to “If I Live To Be A Hundred …

  1. Who wears fur now days? She should have worn faux fur. Were her attributes real or faux? Who cares if she was Japanese anyway? What a weird question.

  2. I doubt that he was looking at her coat closely enough to analyze it, much like her face.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: Her attributes were real. The coat? I’m not so sure.

    pannonica: it’s like you know me or something! The coat could have been a fir coat for all I know. hee hee!

  4. Why does this stuff always happen to someone ELSE??!


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